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The lack of proper sleep can have an overwhelmingly negative effect your mental health, physical health, productivity and overall quality of life. The Art of Going to Bed celebrates simple steps fo…

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A request to readers: My blog always talks about all positive aspects of life. Please don’t get surprised at all if you find all negative thoughts coined together in the following post. It has a purpose. It’s unbearable to me as well while writing this. Please bear with me.
We never know when the almighty will shower blessing on us.

A seeker asking GOD:

What do you want from me? I don’t understand your expectations. First of all tell me why did you bring me on this earth. What is the purpose behind your creation?

I am quite confused. You have chosen me to fight the war of righteousness. But am I the right person? Don’t you feel you failed in correct evaluation choosing the right person?

I need to know correct solution to my problems that was created because of my bad karma. I am feeling like a criminal now. The situation is little different and beyond my understanding.
I am myself unable to figure out whether I am innocent or guilty.
My past karma still following me.

I feel like my action and expression have caused a lot of harm to emotions of people. All that happened without my full consciousness and a long time passed now. But crime is a crime whether committed intentionally or by chance. What was an act of drama for me proved fatal to others. I am guilty and don’t want to hide myself anymore.
They are no more available to me now and I can’t say sorry.

I am taking this burden on me and spending sleepless nights. I am unable to escape myself any longer. I can’t go to past and make a correction. We are all leaders and it’s our duty to understand wishes and aspirations of our people. Why did I fail here?

To my understanding all that happened because of lack of proper communication and without my true knowledge of the self. I could have reached out to people in time and solve all issues. Instead I chose to escape myself without much thought about others. The process caused issues grew bigger over time and I am feeling helpless now.

Have I caused harm to many souls to fulfill my ego? I wouldn’t have felt much worried causing harm to a body accepting myself as a human being who can make mistakes. Our body is ever growing and changing but soul is formless. How can I forgive myself after causing so much harm to a soul making it thoughtless, speechless and inactive unable to take a decision? The soul suffered for years because of my weakness. I have committed the deadliest of all crimes that got unnoticed by people but you know this all very well. Why did you do all this using me as a medium?

What pride and reputation shall I incur killing all my fellow men? Don’t say now they are weaker souls who failed to understand me. They are not fools. Do you know why they listen to or get influenced by me? It’s only because of their love and respect for me. And you want me to kill them all citing a very strange reason telling me they are not at the side of dharma?

What is dharma and what is adharma?
You have created this beautiful world. Do you want to see people suffering and more bloodshed. Why are you doing all this? Don’t you have an idea now how to bring this war to an end quickly without further destruction to our values and conscience?

You say it’s ‘adharma’ to move back from the war of righteousness. I am not giving up but you failed to choose the right person. What is my ‘dharma’ – to kill all my fellow men, their wishes and aspirations? Who am I to decide what is right or wrong when I myself is not the correct person. I am a sinner and you want me to fight this war?

I don’t want to live life of a cheater.
Some never understood my intended message and i could not get few more and their intention. This process caused a lot of harm to society.

It’s not only your parents and other family members who care for you.
We come across many in life who love us and care for us. I never understood this truth well how people sacrificed their own wishes and dream to build mine. Why did you do this to me? What lesson do you want to teach me?

I am tired now and seeking salvation. Please select another person to fight this war if you wish. Think about others before me. I have to suffer but enjoy my karmic cycle as I understand there is no route to escape. I can’t be ever happy making others unhappy. I can forgive myself killing a body please don’t use me to kill a soul anymore.

I have suffered a lot and it’s your turn now to take an action if you love me.

Wish you a very Happy New Year!

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Thinking about points to write…

– understanding myself first
– caring your own self and others
– not to try too hard to change anything
– this world is beautiful and I need to play my role only
– no negligence in duty
– don’t kill a soul even by mistake
(It’s thought provoking as soul can’t be killed – a general perception. I will write my experience here.)
– Don’t stop living at any cost
– You must love your life first for a better living
– Practice yoga and meditate on a regular basis

More to come…

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My Dear,

There is nothing personal in life. We are all connected by some thread we may not be aware of. My problem today can be yours tomorrow. So I must understand the eternal truth. We came to this world for a purpose. I must do as much good I can to myself and others in our society in this limited span of time. I am responsible for all my actions and expressions. I can’t execute myself well unless I understand the purpose.

When I am thinking about doing good I must understand first what are the bad elements I need to do away with. Have you ever felt like a criminal without committing a crime? If your answer is yes, I don’t have the outlook now to explain why you feel so. You may elaborate from your personal experience.

So, what is a crime? If I can understand this well, probably it will show me new direction to lead my life. It’s not about feeling guilty of oneself but more about righteousness.

It’s a general perception some act that goes against law is a crime. It’s not just a perception but a truth as mandated by our law makers. It’s required too for societal development. Actually, I was thinking in a different direction before I came to write about this.

Let’s do a self analysis on our understanding and ask ourselves few questions. Why is it so important to understand what is really meant by crime and what is the purpose of our judiciary? I really have no interest here to write a research paper on criminology. My objective is very simple. It’s to understand crime and criminals better before we start following a law. I don’t say law is not important but it’s more useful when we understand the purpose at a grassroots level.

Coming back to my previous questions what I understand the primary purpose of law is to prevent crime and never to punish offenders. If it’s true let’s see how we can achieve better results from a humane perspective. It’s only possible with true education and better self understanding.

There are many forms of crime in society. Can we accuse somebody as a criminal when the person does not understand her/his act as a crime. They might have a different perception what you see as a crime in society. The condition is worse where number of such people are more. Nothing more can be expected here without true and value driven education. Some basic education need to start from home at an early age.

There are crimes in our society that often get unnoticed or ignored. Domestic violence is one such example and mostly suppressed by family members successfully because of lack of enough coverage by our law. You may like to learn better by examples and I have learned a lot from movies. Damini is one such movie released in the 90s.

Neglecting one’s duty is also a crime. It’s even more critical when it comes to our society and our duty for people.

What is the biggest form of crime in your view and what is the best punishment? I am asking this keeping in view the primary purpose as we want to prevent crime.