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We are not responsible for everything. This is an important factor to consider for a new beginning. This process will help us with self forgiveness and recreation.

Everything in this world is not happening because of you and me. I must respect god’s will and decision for every action. Though we can’t control every situation, still there is a need to accept us for our actions and work further to make a situation better.

I have accepted myself as a very normal human being who is susceptible to human emotions and can cause an error. My level of understanding and expertise is not the same now what it was during my school days.

There is a child living in all of us who wants to break-free. Sometimes we cause mistakes out of mischief. The event is over and the child feels very happy now to have caused a great job. His brain not well developed at this stage to foresee after effects of his actions. So, he played at his will without any calculations and consideration for future.

What do you do when you cause an error either intentionally or by chance?
In my case i learned to accept it unconditionally so that i can prevent myself causing any such incident in future.

I am learning everyday. We need to completely surrender before God and accept ourselves. Without acceptance we can’t expect change as we can’t think better to produce much better results.

When we understand a need and take necessary action within our limitations, God will stand by us.



I visited the park yesterday afternoon. It’s a huge campus not far away from Sharjah airport.

I got an opportunity to try out my photography skills. It was an wonderful experience for me to be with nature and among many children.

It was new year day and the park was quite crowded. It’s lush green every where as far as i could see. I felt good connecting myself with nature. I could hear the noise of birds.

I found people everywhere outing with family. I was delighted to see children playing. Children of all age i found. Infants in stroller, small kids learning to walk along with their parents and other school going children.

I never saw before so many people together at one place in this part of the world. After a long walk i found a nice place over the lawn to sit and watch the setting sun. Then i started capturing few of the beauties of nature.

I was sitting at a little distance from another family. I saw two kids there and a little girl watching me. I was busy with my cellphone browsing photos. At this time the little angel started running at me. I don’t know her point of attraction and i guess it could be her curiosity to see my activities and desire to play with me.

She was so happy running towards me and suddenly fell down at a distance close to me. Parents unaware of this and busy with their work. She started crying looking at me. The lawn was sloppy and she fell down with her left shoe open because of loose lace.

I paused all my activity and rushed at her. I talked to her and caressed. I helped her wear her shoes well with tight lace. She was quite comfortable by this time and completely stopped crying. She was quite comfortable with touch of my hand while wearing shoes.

Now she was smiling at me and offered me a small ball from her pocket to play with her. We played together for few minutes. At this time her mother walked to us and offered me a cup of tea. Her father soon joined and they talked to me for few minutes as if i belong to their family and not a stranger. They wished me happy new year.

They soon left with her daughter as evening approached and it became darker. While walking with her parents she looked back several times at me.

I don’t know what bond she developed in this short period. I felt like she was walking away without her wish. Ohh, i can’t express my feelings in words. I felt pity for the poor innocent little angel. They all disappeared from my vicinity in some time.

It’s not just another life experience for me. It’s more of the values i revisited. I was filled with joy of my childhood. Children are the best gift of god. They teach us great values like innocence and friendship. Why do we forget these values with time as we reach adulthood?

In a place far away from my direct family members, for the first time i felt to be part of a global family.

I have nothing more to write now. Let the pics tell more.

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Here are few of my new year resolutions!

    • –  Don’t hurt anyone
    • –  Make people more happy
    • –  Lift up humanity enriching more human values
    • –  Associate yourself with more community work
    • –  Visit a school and talk to children
    • –  Speak well before your audience anywhere reachable (in a school, at a get  together, in your office or a public place)
    • –  Prepare talk show videos and share in your channel ( people have different interests. Some want to read more and few may like to watch and listen more of you)
    • –  Help others realize their life goals
    • –  Set a new goal and plan for action
    • –  Work out well on already set goals
    • –  Read more, write more, speak more often and share more…

If you like this and find few common in your list, let me know how you plan and act.

I am eager to know your thoughts.
What more and better i should do.
What and how do you do to execute your goals better.

Keep sharing…

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Why is it important to respect a relationship? A past relationship, our present relationship or a relationship born in mind which never got fruition.

We may get victimised under conflict situations with or without our intention. These conflict situations may arise out of inadequate or improper communication between two or more people.

Unable to find the correct route people tend to hide themselves. They tend to have a self-talk and convince themselves to leave the matter as it is. They think all will be well with time. Let’s forget it and get on to work.

Keeping silent and not taking any action is the worst thing to do. I feel like no human caused issue gets resolved automatically. We need to take action. God has not created five fingers equally. Each one built to serve a different purpose but they work well in unison. Similarly each individual has there own thought process and way of working.

Irrespective of our thought process we need to take action – to solve a purpose. It is to help our own and it ,ay help others overcome a difficult to do situation, How can another person understand what’s going in your mind unless you express correctly?
People take years to understand each other even after a long stay together and still there is no guarantee. We should not blame others for our own fault. It’s quite not justifiable to set any expectation from people in the category of acquaintances (though not strangers).

Self betrayal can cause you lot of pain. The after effect may go against you. It will be too hard to make peace with your past. Don’t get victimised too for others actions. Do your best not to cause such issues or yourself be part of it.

It’s dangerous to conduct experiments on human beings. Do a calculation for all pros, cons and other probability beforehand if it’s really required to conduct such an experiment. There is great probability to hurt people and their emotions in this process. Beware of the possible outcome and be careful.

There is a common question arising in mind. What if I don’t have a choice to meet and talk to people face to face? Even then you need to find a medium to pass on the correct message timely. Time is the most important entity here and your action will lose it’s value significantly unless taken in time.

Talk to yourself and follow your heart. In a conflict situation, don’t make random guesses. It’s always a better idea to reach out to people and talk face to face. This can save you a lot of time to solve an issue.

In my observation it’s not possible to completely decode thoughts in another mind without making any communication for a long time. We need to keep in touch with people if we wish to understand them well.

We all together can lift humanity to its next level…

I wish all a successful new year!