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This year Navratri is celebrated from 17th October to 25th October. It’s a Hindu festival which means ‘nine nights’.

This festival is celebrated in various parts of the Indian subcontinent post monsoon in the month of autumn every year. The bright half of the Hindu calendar month ‘Ashvin’ marks the beginning of the festival which typically falls in the month of October.

Photo Credit: Sand art by Sudarsan Pattnaik

Goddess Durga is worshipped in this period with Hindu rituals in temples and outside. This festival is celebrated for various reasons and symbolises the victory of good over the evil.

During Navratri, nine form of Goddesses are worshipped in different areas.

As per Shaiva Sampradaya, followed by most people of North India, presiding deity of each tithi from Pratipada to Navami during Navratri is mentioned below:

Day 1 – Shailaputri
Day 2 – Brahmacharini
Day 3 – Chandraghanta
Day 4 – Kushmanda
Day 5 – Skandamata
Day 6 – Katyayani
Day 7 – Kalaratri
Day 8 – Mahagauri
Day 9 – Siddhidatri

We can discover more information about the festival in the following links:


Happy Navratri…


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16 thoughts on “🌺 HAPPY NAVRATRI 🌺

  1. Happy Navratri – wish we could have another victory of Good over Evil

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  2. Happy Navratri, Debasis! 🙂 Cheryl

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  3. नवरात्रि की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं 🙏

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  4. नवरात्रि की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं

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  5. Happy Navratri Sir! May mata raani bless you and your family!☺️✨

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  6. Happy Navratri to you!!! ❤️

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  7. Thank you. Beautiful hands. This woman speaks beautifully in a melodic way and she probably cooks very well.

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