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“172nd story”

We have three kinds of thieves in the world;

1-The average thieves

2-The political thieves

3-The religious thieves

-The average thieves are the ones that steal money, gold, empty your pocket, house, and store. They rob you to keep their stomach full.

-The second one steals your future, dreams, jobs, life, rights, pay, education, ability, trust, honor, and national belongings.

-The third group steals your world, courage of thinking, theory, knowledge, happiness, mental health, all your money, and wealth.

-The second group lie and abuse their power to control you. They keep you in a circle of small-minded to deceive and manipulate you.

-The third group sells you, religion, extravasation, sadness, depression. They take your world from you and sell you heaven.

The exciting part is that we choose political and religious thieves by ourselves. We give them power and make them important.

The normal thieves will be…

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