A Voice from Iran

“177th story”

In a little village lived a very miserly man. He had enough but never gave anything to others. Everyone knew him and never expected anything from him.

One day the stingy man fell into the near by river. He held on to a weak branch, as he didn’t know how to swim and started yelling for help.

First-person that heard his voice went to him and said: “Give me your hand.”

When the ungenerous man heard the word “GIVE”, refused and screamed for help again.

Another passer came close and told him: “Give me your hand.”

But the drowning man, refused again.

A wise man that was passing by, witnessed everything. He went closer and told the miserly man: “Take my hand.”

The miserly man reached for the wise man’s hand, and they pulled him out of water.

When the wise man left the scene, the other two…

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