Theme for 2022: “Pharmacy united in action for a healthier world”.

First Aid of the Society


World Pharmacists Day is celebrated on 25 September every year to honour pharmacists all around the globe for their crucial role in improving everyone’s health.

World Pharmacist Day was introduced in 2009 at the World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Istanbul, Turkey, by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Council. FIP was founded on this date in 1912.

Pharmacists are responsible for
ensuring that the supply of medicines is within the law. They ensure that the medicines prescribed to patients are suitable advising patients about medicines including how to take them, what reactions may occur and answering patient’s questions.

Pharmacists are also responsible for checking and dispensing medication compounding pharmacy medicines if they are unavailable from other sources such as suppliers or manufacturers. They also provide health advice based on an analysis of symptoms reported by clients.


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