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People have a huge impact on our lives we interact with people on a daily basis. Whether we’re around our family, friends, co-workers or just people we see at the grocery store. People have an impact on our lives combined with the images we see in the media. Who we spend our time with and what messages we allow to enter our minds is vital to taping into our predestined success.

Everyone we spend our time with doesn’t have our best interest at heart. Some people can be very judgmental or give off negative energy. Which can cause us to develop negative thoughts that can turn into limiting beliefs that derail us from our goals. A wise woman once told me “You should think about the people you’re spending time with the same way you think about what you eat and how you’re exercising.”

Benefits of Surrounding Yourself with Positive People

A positive person is not always someone who does, agrees or even thinks the same way you do. Positivity is something most of us can determine by the energy a person displays. Many times, we confuse the difference between someone who agrees with everything we say or do and someone who can be a positive influence. Just because someone disagrees doesn’t mean that they don’t add value to our lives. For example, me and one of my good friends have totally different opinions on just about everything, but we’re still striving for the same goal which is greatness in whatever we do. The key is to surround ourselves with people who are striving and working towards an end goal. Some of the smartest, talented and innovative people I know we have literally nothing in common other than the goal of being successful. However, I have learned so much from just aligning myself around them and soaking up all the information they have.

Surrounding ourselves with great and positive people is one of the first steps in determining our future. If you ask anyone who’ve ever made any major changes in their lives many of them would say “Once I started to surround myself with positivity and let, go of negativity my whole life changed”.  Letting go of negative people is easier said than done, many times we don’t realize how these relationships can affect us.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately who we’re destined to become has a lot to do with who we continually associate with. If you ever wondered what your life might look like in 5 years. All you have to do is look at your friends and people you associate with.  If your friends are going places, have a spirit of excellence, kind, generous, courteous, then those qualities are going to rub off on you. I encourage everyone reading this to write down the qualities of the people you spend the most time with. Would you call them positive people? Happy? Now think of how they interact and affect you do they make you feel like you have what it takes to reach your goals? Comment below & if you liked this post please share, like and re-post!


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Source: Surround Yourself With People: Who Want To See You Win

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Here is my personal opinion after reading the original blog post by Jay.

People especially our young adults should start beleiving marriage as an institution. It has the power to make relationship and bonding more stronger through commitment. People should adopt  normal living under societal norms. This is possible with a strong belief in marriage. Moreover, it strengthens our family values which is good for all building a strong society for all generation.

We can set good examples sacrificing personal needs for higher goals.

Source of inspiration: Should Marriage Be A Goal?

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It’s good to be different. Most among leaders and people aspiring to become leaders agree with this statement. I have heard and read this on many occasions. 

What it really means being different? I just heard and forgot but never thought to do an independent research before I come across a life situation.

People say and we know five fingers are not equal. They argue it’s quite OK to have different opinions and ideas. I experienced this while being interviewed by a panel recently.

Being different does not mean to do all different things no one is doing. Being different  does not mean too to discard all others idea and stick to your own.

I think it’s about how we stand out successfully in a crowd and present ourselves among all opposing forces. How do you feel and what you do when you don’t get any support from others including your family members on your ideas of an ideal living and to pursue your passion? Do you follow others and discard your own original idea or do you prefer to stick on your own and prove yourself.

I once asked the question above to one of my friends and got a reply ‘it depends’. I later thought how smart an an answer is this to avoid someone without further explanation. So diplomatic! Isn’t it? One need to be very specific.

In the interview I felt like the panel was having a completely different opinion on what I want to do in life and how a specific steam of advanced studied can help me achieve my targets. I still feel I could present myself well among all differing opinions. I never felt like it’s all to discourage me but had a different feeling like the panel wants to make me well aware about the programme. 

The interview started with high notes and all conflicting opinions but ended up with pleasant gestures. I don’t know the outcome of the interview but one thing for sure it helped me learned a lot on being different and being nice to people at the same time.

All of us have some personal/unique experience in life that makes us feel and think different. What makes you special being different? Think about it and enrich my knowledge sharing your thoughts on being different!

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Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why.” 
― Kurt Vonnegut

Time is a funny thing. Simply the way we view time is awkward at best, as most people view the march of time as a steady, linear progression that chases onward after infinity. But in the abstract view, we can find two paradoxical truths that are indeed relevant to time itself.

The truth is, there exists the illusion that you have plenty of time, and the knowledge that you never have enough. All you have is time, and all you don’t have.. is time.

Often I think of why our concept of time is regulated to spinning hands on clocks, and not to the rhythm of nature. Where this is how the human civilization flourished for millennia, but no longer. And in this thought I’m reminded of my own rhythm, of my own whimsical nature, and how time is never truly wasted when the moment stands with purpose.

I’ve lived most of my life in the moment. Daring to move beyond my comfort zone has always been a passion of mine. With a deep and perturbing wanderlust I’ve set forth to unknown places, if for just to see them and nothing more. I’ve dropped responsibility at the door and have made spontaneous decisions, many of which weren’t the wisest of moves. I’ve busied myself with trivial matters and at the end of the day I’ve looked back and asked, where has the time gone?

Over time, I’ve lived and I’ve struggled and I’ve loved and I’ve lost. These are my marks of life, as most people can claim as well.

But I’ll never regret. Never will I look back and say “that was a waste of time.” Because that very notion is the illusion of time at work. In truth, the experience was the builder. Every action, every thought, every emotion and its unfolding has brought me here, to now where I’ve always truly been; here in this constantly evolving present moment, this one mysterious saga of continuous experience that I can call “my life.”

And it hasn’t yet stopped moving.

So as we all are playing our games, living our lives and going about our days, we should all take “time” to remember time itself.

Remember that life is meant to be lived. Remember that it never stops moving, that you never stop flowing, that you never stop loving and that you will never stop becoming.

These are our gifts.

As the Earth welcomes the gift of the flower, and as the flower thanks the Earth for its gift of life, so should we thank life for allowing us to have this moment, and thank God for this gift of life.

We should remind ourselves of this always. And then we may look back and see that all of our joy, all of our pain and all of our actions have been worth every minute. I’ve learned this simple truth with great resistance it seems…

But yet I am grateful for it all.

Make “time” to be grateful for time. And this alone will set you free.

Source: Time Out

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Sometimes, in the life of the believer, we know what to do to bless others, help others, and even bring freedom to others, but never do it, for ourselves. This is due to …

Source: Loosed To Love You