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Change comes with agreement for a common need. Any change under pressure without proper understanding of the need never lasts longer. Understanding comes with mutual respect when people listen one another, they do open discussion and reach at common agreement.

Children don’t accept change easily as they don’t understand the need. They do what they love to do. They need effective mentoring and guidance. They should not be put under too much pressure to accept something unreasonable to them. It may affect their creativity. Any change for them is temporary and they come back soon to their natural instincts. They just need to be guided in a direction for maximum utilisation of their creativity.

No change really required unless and until people make themselves ready to embrace the change. We need sustainable change for generations to come. We need enormous patience and guided action to realise the change.

Love is the key factor for change. People change for people they love. The process often takes time.

There is absolutely nothing to worry too much thinking about what is right or wrong. It may develop feeling of guilt and hatred. We must give protection to all under common umbrella.

When I change myself for the good, I actually generate a direction for others to follow. Again, love is the key.

The process is continuous and change is inevitable!

So, let’s enjoy and witness the change.