What I Like About It (Movie Review)

Movie name: Hichki Language: Hindi Genre: Inspiring bollywood drama/comedy   I watched this movie recently and i feel there are some good points for all to learn from it as it has a strong message to our society. We can find several reviews on this movie over internet and other media. I’ll not write here much onContinue reading “What I Like About It (Movie Review)”


​It’s not only the skills of a player but the mindset that matters a lot for success. Indian test cricket captain Virat Kohli proved it again in the fourth test match against the English today.  I could not watch him playing live in this test. I was keenly following the scorecard and commentary on theContinue reading “PLAYING TO WIN – A LEADERS CHOICE”


Nothing more than one’s own thoughts I guess. People who successfully change their course of action for the better proudly say I am not a product of my circumstances. Rather they say like I have changed this and that. People view them as leaders who create their own destiny. Probably, I am not. I haveContinue reading “WHAT’S HOLDING YOU BACK?”


“Culture is largely an invisible wonder which remains invisible until realised and unless practised.”                                    – Anonymous I am not at an hospital or a mental asylum but all that I visualise now is the picture of doctors around the globe and their service to humanity. From my experience so far I had with peopleContinue reading “DOING THE RIGHT THINGS”


BEING IN THE PRESENT … ” We regret for our not so pleasant past as we fail to make it glorious. You don’t need a physical time machine. ”                                    – Anonymous Ohh No…. It should not have happened. I have lost my sleep and sweet dreams of childhood. Any such thought coming to yourContinue reading “MAKE YOUR PAST GLORIOUS”


What a speech by our prime minister addressing the joint session of US congress. It has all the ingredients to make a great speech and connect people together while representing your nation outside. Simply magnetic! This is not for the first time I listened him speaking but every time you listen you will discover uniquenessContinue reading “YOU ARE SPECIAL SIR !”