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Recently I got to know about the acquisition of Yahoo by Verizon at a meagre price that was never expected. The news went viral on social media too. Then I had a burning desire to write more on my understanding on this topic. You may treat this as a business blog, a social blog or a combination from the best of both world.

Any business decision has two sides – people and profit. This profit is again to grow business further in the interest of people and organisation. Direct benefit goes to people as we get more number of employments with growth in business scaling well across the  geography.

The decision of a merger and acquisition is not so simple. It directly affects all the stakeholders and shareholders in the business. Earlier I had witnessed the acquisition of Covansys by CSC about eight years back when I was a part of it. I couldn’t accept the fact well that time. Hardly have I had any business sense in that period but just left with my emotional state of mind. It’s always a feel good factor when our company acquires another but not the vice versa. Many questions come to mind like “Am I not doing good?” Have I failed to add more value to my company?

Every business owner wants to see the growth of people and business in parallel. A decision may come either when it’s not profitable enough to run as usual or still when we find much better hands to handle it even though making profit.

Sometimes, it’s sensed like the current profit may not be sustainable for a longer period with present state of all the resources. Any such decision may also come when there are other business plans in mind needing huge investment bit lacking investors.
Profit or loss factor is largely dependent on the market trend which is again controlled by people as per their purchasing power and how they view your product. They look out for more advantages (like durability, better/prompt & cheaper service) than your competitors.

Let’s now come to the social side of business. How do you see your company and colleagues? You may think of it as a workplace where you are supposed to perform your routine jobs and make money as salary periodically. Your colleagues could be like strangers but companions either for a short term or a longer period as per your tenure.

We remember few and we forget many with time. This is because these few people left a deep impression on us unlike the rest. This is again much dependent on our emotional quotient that decides whom to remember or forget.

Have you ever thought of your company as your home and all companions as your family members? If you think so you can do a lot of good to your company and people. The simple reason being nobody causes harm to her/his own home and family members. In this case you can’t leave your home under normal circumstances but a separation is still possible when a decision is made at a larger interest of people and the organisation. This decision could come from either side for a good reason.

I used to write for social and environmental causes. For the first time i am writing something different that includes thought on business as i understand it’s for people and powered by people. That news of acquisition kept me vigilant for some time like a watchman and directed me to look at the current market trend. I asked myself can I do an analysis further. I felt like do i have the business sense to dig deeper?

The news came to me as follows:

*What is your perception on this?*
1998: Yahoo refuses to buy Google for $1 million.
2002: Realizing the mistake Yahoo offers $3 billion; Google wants $5 billion; Yahoo says no!
2008: Yahoo turns down Microsoft’s $40 billion offer.
2016: Yahoo sold to Verizon for $4.9 billion..!!!

Many in my friend circle feel it’s a great loss for Yahoo and they don’t see it as a winning strategy when we compare with previous offers. It made me think about time value of money. So, what went really wrong? Was there some major flaws in strategic business decision making?

I think we should not blame yahoo for their decision in the year 1998. Information technology industry was not growing at the current rate those days. It was not easy to do well valuation of a company like google that time. Business risk taking with a startup might have been turned down by analysts that time.

What about the decision in the year 2002 and again in 2008? The news says realising the mistake… but how much they really did?

Few of my learning from this topic i wish to share as quotations goes as follows:

“Never underestimate someone small when you are big.”

“Don’t wait to stop and start again when you are completely exhausted but pause yourself in between for refreshments.”

“Opportunity might be there knocking your door but you may never come to know about it if you fail to sense it just before arrival.”

“Time value of money is more important than money itself.”

“Don’t loose your good time at present waiting for your bad time to leave you. Stay blissful always!”

“Evaluate yourself and your business better periodically like how do you see it grow in coming years and then you do an analysis about your competitors.”

“Vision, strategy and action should go together.”

I will update more thoughts here as i develop. I am still thinking to develop better business sense to write more. Do share with me your valuable insights as sharing is caring!

Have a great time doing what you love to do!!

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Following are few thoughts to enrich our lives by a person who does not like to name herself/himself.

Here it goes…

“Either you love or you hate but you can’t do both to perfection at the same time. If you claim to do so it’s only self betrayal”

“Hatred has no real power and it’s temporary while love is the most powerful force and everlasting.”

“Ego can’t play foul when it’s superseded by love.”

“Don’t loose trust in love and nobody should as it’s the food for soul.”

“Don’t hate anyone in life. Love is the solution to all problems in life and hatred can’t do any good.”

“Love unites while hatred separates. Now, it should never be a difficult choice for anyone what they want in life.”

“Sometimes people love others so much that they avoid them for unknown fears so as not to loose them in life.”

“The fear of acceptance and rejection is the root cause of most problems in life.”

“Go beyond all your inhibitions as no truth can change people in love if they understand it well.”

“Nobody is a loser and all are winners in love. They are winners in every case be it an acceptance or a rejection.”

“Don’t stop doing your best just because you are unable to predict the outcome of your actions now.”

“You can develop better vision of a brighter future only with love; so, never hesitate to express yourself with kind words of love.”

“Don’t expect perfection in everything you do as the outcome is not bound by your choice but never neglect to give your cent percent”.

“There is no place for doubt in love and it’s only temporary if at all developed as a chance creation.”

“You are free to choose what you want and how you want to lead your life as long as it’s in harmony with all in your society.”

“Freedom is not an external entity.”

“True freedom comes with positive thoughts for the wellbeing of all; Else, we will become prisoners to our own thoughts and starve for freedom.”

“There should be no condition in love and we must accept people as they are. We may get acceptance to some/all of our thoughts in the process.”

“People understand you better when they listen you more and they show more interest in listening when they like you better.”

“Listening is hearing with keen interest to understand something.”

“I am not against love and no one should. I am not against people in love too but everything not in good support of our social values.”

“Love is the most needed and among the core values in any civilisation as no society can prosper without love.”

“There is no place for bondage in love.  Love makes people independent to choose a lifestyle they want.”

“Calculations in love don’t exist. To my understanding people don’t love others to meet their self interests but rather make others happy. It’s not love if they don’t do so.”

“Love is spontaneous and without a reason while marriage is a choice between two consenting adults.”

“Calculations do exist in a marriage and most of the time that go beyond the couple in question to their families.”

“Marriage is a social need while love is the basic need and it does not matter if that develops before or after marriage as long as it exists.”

“Life is beautiful and people celebrate when their love ends up in a marriage but there is nothing to loose if it can’t take the regular route under exceptional cases. Love never dies.”

                                  – Anonymous

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“Happiness is something to be discovered within and not outside ”

                                  – Anonymous

The following image explains a lot on happiness.


Happiness is always there within and a natural tendency of all human beings. I have read and heard people talking about happiness during conversations. Most people I know wants to remain always happy and they don’t want to face insecurity or difficult times. They reject all negative factors coming on the way to our happiness.

Many among us believe difficult times are invited by our own thoughts and deeds. It’s not a byproduct of any action of others in our environment. I like these thoughts as an optimistic approach towards life.

Few other among us think like we are subject to get influenced by others in our environment as human beings are emotional by nature. They talk like we can’t make all happy and it’s better to work for our personal happiness. It sounds like a pessimistic thought but quite logical. So, I am not going to discard it completely.

The above two opinions are contradictory and set forth by two different groups of people. There is nothing to accept, reject or blame anybody as our thoughts are shaped by our personal experience in life.

It’s important to do an analysis and find how much happiness we can draw from within and much of it is completely dependent on external factors. We need a balance for better results as we must live in the society. We are responsible for our social environment and society can’t be rejected for personal happiness.

A good analysis followed by right actions may help us find more happiness and meaning to our life increasing the level of our happiness quotient.

If we can analyse the above graphical explanation well it’s possible to shape our thoughts in a positive direction and write an article.

I have already wrote something by this time with my random thoughts but still think it’s incomplete and should not be treated as an article. I think it’s incomplete without your opinions and I should update it at intervals when I learn better from your comments and suggestions.

Happy thinking, writing & sharing!!

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“Culture is largely an invisible wonder which remains invisible until realised and unless practised.”

                                   – Anonymous

I am not at an hospital or a mental asylum but all that I visualise now is the picture of doctors around the globe and their service to humanity. From my experience so far I had with people earlier I came to know many having pleasant experience and few having bitter conversation with doctors.

Let me check how these experiences going to shape my thoughts as I write here further.

You might have heard and read about this topic several times elsewhere before. It just sparked to my mind again and I felt to share my views once more. I can do this repeatedly as long as it serves the purpose most desirable.

Every human being has the responsibility to serve their nation and society. We can find opportunities to do this and play our role well. While all can find opportunities, doctors need not have to look for it. They are direct servants to people by profession.

Today when we celebrate world doctors day it reminded me of their greatness and service to our society. We are not complete without them. Let’s just analyse what they do when they diagnose a patient without going in details about their work and studies. Simply talking in a layman’s term we can say they find the root cause of the disease and then take action to cure us from it.

Anything that goes against social and human values is also like a disease. It’s like an epidemic when people get affected by it from others without their true knowledge. It makes people mentally sick over time when widespread at a larger part of the society. The worst affected are children. We all can play the role of doctors to some extent and cure illness in society when we understand the root cause.

The problem is acute when the disease is already widespread but only very few realise it. If you have already discovered the root cause still you may not get good support from all if you express your views without their understanding. It’s because of their wrong practice over years and people are already under it’s grasp. It’s acting like a slow poison and killing people from inside gradually over a long period that they don’t realise now well. This sickness gives them pleasure and they don’t want to give up. So, it’s required to generate awareness before taking any action as no action can bring benefits without support of all.

What is the difference between doing the right things and doing things right? Is it directly linked to our culture? Probably I can have a better perspective with good understanding of our culture. So, before analysing about doing the right things let’s understand more of our culture. A culturally fit society can successfully root out all evil plants spreading illness in it.

Culture is an invisible wonder only to be realised and practised. It has no physical appearance but visible at large upon realisation. It can be preserved with practice. This is purely my personal opinion that may be analysed and reviewed further. I remember few words I listened from eminent speakers at a leadership summit. In simple words they defined culture as follows:

” culture is something about what we do when nobody is watching. ”

If I understand the above well I feel it’s about doing the right things all the time irrespective of what others say about us and if anybody watch us or not. Then only we are culturally fit as it’s now ingrained in our blood along with other core values.

We do the right things to please others because we feel insecure to do anything unpleasant in the presence of others. We start following our wrong pursuits at the slightest opportunity as we are passionate about it and practising these habits for a long time now.

We don’t like to do any analysis on our habits whether right or wrong as long as it’s pleasurable to us. We find it difficult to give up even when we understand it’s a wrong practice. Certain practice’s are predominant in the name of religion as well and people who realise find no courage to go against these because of the fear of social wrath. It needs strong determination, courage and simple practice.

We can bring any change if we start following our heart. Mind often misguides but a pure heart will never guide anybody think and act wrong. It will never ask you to hurt your fellow human beings and cause pain to any living organism.

With the above strong pursuits in mind I can visualise cultural fitness at large and practical realisation not far away. It’s quite attainable and as simple as our understanding.

When we do the right things we help ourselves and all around grow further culturally. It’s very much essential for our own security and upliftment of the human race.

Let’s all unite together to build a great society with strong culture that can last forever.

I wish all a very Happy Doctors Day for their continued and countless service to humanity!!

** Do comment with your kind words and share as you care!

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” We regret for our not so pleasant past as we fail to make it glorious. You don’t need a physical time machine. ”

                                   – Anonymous

Ohh No…. It should not have happened. I have lost my sleep and sweet dreams of childhood. Any such thought coming to your mind when you are already at an advanced stage in your life? No more worry now. I have a full proof solution for all.

You may find this blog title a laughing stuff at first sight. What is this all about? It this possible? You will find people easily who guide you like ‘just forget it’. Why do you want to remember something painful to you? Never ever fall to this mind game played by others. I don’t say they are not your well wishers and not asking you to ignore them.

They just have a different perspective to life as per their experience. You are not here to live their life. When shall you be able to lead your life if you entertain all these advice? Listen to your heart when you are in between a constant battle of your heart and mind.

I have a very simple question for you. Why is something painful to you and why do you get hurt easily? You can easily find the answer yourself. If you ask the same to me my answer will talk more about our mindset. Actually it’s because when we do things wrong and never because of the wrong doings by others. You have a great brain and a big heart. So, use it and discover life  in all it’s abundance full of  surprises and happiness.

We all can do it all living at our present. There is absolutely nothing to regret about or escape from. Our mind is such a big time machine. It’s cowardice to escape and we should never build such a plan in mind. To achieve this feat we need to start living life with honesty and not that of crooks.

All of us has huge storage of power and inner potential. Only very few of us recognise this fact and all they lack is the will power. Will power develops better when we think and act with our own mind and not that of others. Listen to your heart when you are in constant battle between your heart and mind.

I virtually forgot few past incidents that always resided in the memory of the subconscious mind. The decision was made in mind as that misguided me constantly telling me you must forget all these bad moments in life. I fell to the trap and did all I would have never done should I have listened to my heart.
I don’t regret but I feel like ohh my god… What a big blunder I committed as i could not bring much goodness to myself and that of others.

Yes, it’s my own deeds and never that of others. You can turn the table either in favour of you or against it by simple but powerful thoughts and unconditional acceptance.

When we live in solitude our mind becomes hyper creative full of thoughts when we revisit our past. No one there to disturb and you are on your own. Few hours of solitude daily may be good for a creative mind but too long a period could be like a prolonged illness. We need to be at a caution side in our calculations how much time we want to devote for each activity.

Many a times we face this question asked by our mind. Shall I make it, break it or simply escape. Sometimes we don’t gather enough courage to face a situation and the weaker zone of our mind guides us to escape. Is that the need for any life challenging situation? Never a good idea.

I am narrating an example. Can you face a person and look straight into the eyes whom you hurt knowingly? Imagine such a situation in your past. The ego mind may misguide you and tell you like “no no.. don’t worry too much. What you did is correct only and this person doesn’t deserve your attention”. You may escape successfully for some time listening to your mind but you can’t retain this pleasure for a lifetime.

We should not blame our heart, mind or any other entity unable to meet well a difficult situation in life. We don’t always have the same level of maturity and we grow as we learn better.  On a humane side this is quite acceptable as i feel. This learning hardly comes from text books. We must explore life to the fullest if we want to learn and understand ourselves better.

We must accept what we did wrong. Never ever try to cover up your faults citing what others doing as wrong. This will be cheating our own self. If this is true i must accept my own faults and make corrections as required. It is because my actions may not only cause unpleasant situations for myself but there is a great probability it can have adverse effect on others. I must bridge the communication gap in due time. We may find it easy to escape our present environment or this world but can never escape our own soul (what we all term as ‘zameer’ or ‘atma ki aawaz’ in the Indian context).

Do your best to find your loved ones missing now for some reason and talk to them. You may create an event to do all this like at a public function or any other public place with fresh air. Self acceptance is the key. We fail to accept our past as we fail to accept ourselves. We fail to accept ourselves most of the time because of our false ego that misguides and hurt us. We are always concerned about our reputation and social stature. Our mind gets bugged down with a fear what will happen if people come to know this.

We can never erase our scars completely unless we accept ourselves fully without any condition. Surrender yourself completely to the almighty and you can build that power. Ego will vanish when we start thinking about others. This is my personal experience and you may say it an accident.

We are responsible either for our success or failure. Why regret for unpleasant life events of our past when we can do so much good at our present.

There is no need to forget our hard past. This is an escapist attitude. It is because what we are today, our present strengths and weaknesses has been shaped by lessons learned from our past. We can do better if we are a good learner.

I don’t want to indulge with my past anymore for any bad experience and I don’t want to forget as well. It is because no experience is painful but a learning opportunity. Every situation can be faced and let’s consider our past experiences as case studies. I only have sweet memories now.
I am completely at peace and so can you.

Few suggestions as follows for a better living and thinking…

– Live in the present
– Admit your mistakes
– Accept yourself and others
– Remove all toxic elements from your life that cause you think negative time and again
– Stop conducting too much experimentation on yourself and others for which you can’t foresee the future or predict an outcome
– Accept Murphy’s law
– Talk to people as often and spend time with your loved ones
– Spend time with kids and learn simplicity from them as they are the purest souls
– Retain a strong memory and recall as you need

Let me know from your experience how you feel we can do well at our present and minimise the negative impacts of our past.

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Please read below an experience of a doctor couple who did their best to help a kid who suffered an accident. They are pleading for justice and the post went viral on social media.

” I am describing an incident, which happened on 24th of December 2015 and the after effects of it for a common person.

A doctor couple with their 2yr old child, were returning from Puri on 24the DEC evening.  Car speed about 50km/hr. Out of complete darkness, a small girl hits the front wind shield and rolls down from the car on braking (as she was running across the highway ). They stop.( A higher speed vehicle would have run over such a small child ) Child was breathing but unconscious.

How will an average Indian react in such a situation?
a) Flee from the place taking advantage of darkness & forget the incidence
b) Flee from the place, fearing a mob attack & go to the nearest police station to narrate the incidence
c) Take the child to the nearest hospital & drop her at the casualty. Responsibility over & leave her to fate. Go to the police station to narrate the incidence

The doctor couple did something else for which they are suffering since last 6 months.

They carried the girl to nearby Chandanpur PHC, then to Puri district HQ hospital along with her parents in their own car. As the child was unconscious, she was referred to a higher centre.

Parents said that they are very poor, can’t spend a single penny and asked the doctor couple to save the life of their child.

Now, there was only one option. They had to take the child to SUM hospital ( where the doctor couple work) so that immediate attention can be given on credit at dead of the night. Immediately CT scan was done in presence of radiologist ,neurosurgeon and neurologist& ICU specialist. Patient was shifted to ICU. The expert opinion was that operation was not needed, but due to unconsciousness child had to be put on ventilator.

The doctor went to Chandanpur policestation, Puri next day to give information about the accident.
Child stayed in ICU for 19 days with lot of complication and was revived. Afterwards, she was shifted to general ward in stable condition.The doctor couple bore the entire cost of ICU & ward treatment for the first 30 days( approximately 1.5 lakh rupees – which was well beyond their capacity) . There after SUM hospital management took the entire responsibility of the child’s treatment & rehabilitation. No other relatives or village residents of the child came forward to help.

The doctor couple explained the parents about the possibility of getting a good amount of money by insurance claim ( accident ). Her parents refused to even speak to insurance people, to do the processing. Rather they wanted 5 lakh rupees from the doctor couple for the accident caused.

Recovery in such brain injuries will be slow as per neurologists. The parents lost patience and left the child in the hospital.

The doctor couple started gets threatening phone calls from relatives,  Media, & other sources .  Both of them got scared to pickup any phone calls. But being doctors one can’t avoid picking up calls even at odd times.
Some news paper has already written all wrong things about this incident , charging the doctor of negligence. Some news reporters want the doctor couple to adopt the child for life. Some people claiming to belong to a political group have threatened to kill the doctor couple if five lakh rupees is not paid.
About 3 weeks back, ( since the parents left the girl alone on hospital ),the hospital administration informed police, Child Welfare Commission(CWC) &  human rights commission. ThePuri collector, Puri CDMO, CWC combinedto decide to shift the girl to SCBMCH for free physiotherapy and nursing care till her complete recovery. This can happen only in the presence of the parents ( who have left the child alone)
In the absence of parents, SUM hospital has taken utmost care of the child.
Last Monday( 6th June), her parents performed a rally ( with some villagers) infront of SUM Hospital, demanding immediate arrest of the concerned doctor & 5 lakh compensation. Now some media group has started doing false propaganda in facebook & other social media regarding negligence caused by the doctor couple & SUM Hospital.

This is my story & this is what I have gone through in the past 6 months . I am Dr. Chandrasekhar Pradhan, Assistant prof Anaesthesiology&my  wife Dr. Rani Sahu, Assistant prof. in Microbiology. We have one child who is in play school& dependent parents.I feel threatened, harassed, humiliated,defamed, in severe mental distress and have difficulty in performing my normal hospital duties.

My honest question to every one who reads this post …….
Is this the reward we get for helping a poor girl child who met with an accident? What is our fault and what can we do to live a normal life and return to hospital work.

The worry is,  this can happen to any one of us. Small children are playing on the road and any one of them can rush into our vehicle & even a speed of 40 to 50 km/hr can be disastrous. As a responsible citizen, if I take the child to hospital & try to help as per my capacity, shall I will still be facing this ordeal ?  ”

What was their fault? What could have they done better?

In my opinion matters should go public when we work for a noble cause. There should be nothing to hide when we are innocent. But how can we prove our innocence. For that we need to have timely actions as per social need. As responsible citizens we need to abide by the law as well.

Let’s help people as per need and avoid all controversy. When you help somebody you need to have a record somewhere so that people can come to your rescue in case of unpleasant circumstances. You need to have registered details in his hospital records and need to have derails of accident in police records as well. Keep a copy of both with you. Police record will help you know about parents of the kid. The more information you have in public the more secure you are.

Humanity should not be at stake and people need to keep faith doing good for others. Humanity will suffer if we lose that self belief.

Any other opinion?
Please do share your experience to help build a better world.

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What a speech by our prime minister addressing the joint session of US congress. It has all the ingredients to make a great speech and connect people together while representing your nation outside.

Simply magnetic!

This is not for the first time I listened him speaking but every time you listen you will discover uniqueness in his thoughts and approach.

Repeated standing ovations by all the audience worth watching and good enough to fall in love with him.

Let me reproduce here the text version of the original speech if you have missed watching him live or would like to revisit his speech again.

Here it goes as follows…
Happy reading!

Mr. Speaker,
Mr. Vice President,
Distinguished Members of the US Congress
Ladies and Gentlemen.
I am deeply honoured by the invitation to address this Joint Meeting of the U.S. Congress.
Thank you, Mr. Speaker for opening the doors of this magnificent Capitol.
This temple of democracy has encouraged and empowered other democracies the world over.
It manifests the spirit of this great nation, which in Abraham Lincoln’s words, “was conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”
In granting me this opportunity, you have honoured the world’s largest democracy and its 1.25 billion people.
As a representative of world’s largest democracy, it is indeed a privilege to speak to the leaders of its oldest.
Mr. Speaker,
Two days ago, I began my visit by going to the Arlington National Cemetery-the final resting place of many brave soldiers of this great land.
I honoured their courage and sacrifice for the ideals of freedom and democracy.
It was also the seventy-second Anniversary of the D-Day.
On that day, thousands from this great country fought on the remote shores of a land that they did not know to protect the torch of liberty.
They sacrificed their lives so that the world lives in freedom.
I applaud…India applauds, the great sacrifices of the men and women from ‘The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave’ in service of mankind.
India knows what this means because our soldiers too have fallen in distant battlefields for the same ideals.
That is why the threads of freedom and liberty form a strong bond between our two democracies.
Mr. Speaker,
Our nations may have been shaped by differing histories, cultures, and faiths.
Yet,our belief in democracy for our nations and liberty for our countrymen is common.
The idea that all citizens are created equal may be a central pillar of the American constitution.
But, our founding fathers too shared the same belief and sought individual liberty for every citizen of India.
There were many who doubted India when, as a newly independent nation, were posed our faith in democracy.
Indeed, wagers were made on our failure.
But, the people of India did not waver.
Our founders created a modern nation with freedom, democracy, and equality as the essence of its soul.
And, in doing so, they ensured that we continued to celebrate our age old diversity.
• across its streets and institutions;
• in its villages and cities;
• anchoredin equal respect for all faiths;and
• inthe melodyof hundreds of its languages and dialects.
India lives as one; India grows as one; India celebrates as one.
Mr. Speaker,
Modern India is in its 70th year.
For my government,theConstitution is its real holy book.
And, in that holy book, freedom of faith,speech and franchise, and equality of all citizens, regardless of background, are enshrined as fundamental rights.
800 million of my countrymen may exercise the freedom of franchise once every five years.
But, all the 1.25 billion of our citizens have freedom from fear, which they exercise every moment of their lives.
Distinguished Members,
Engagement between our democracies has been visible in the manner in which our thinkers impacted one another, and shaped the course of our societies.
Thoreau’s idea of civil disobedience influenced our political thoughts.
And, similarly the call by the great sage of India Swami Vivekananda to embracehumanity was most famously delivered in Chicago.
Gandhi’s non-violence inspired the heroism of Martin Luther King.
Today, a mere distance of 3 miles separates the Martin Luther King memorial at Tidal Basin from the statue of Gandhi at Massachusetts Avenue.
This proximity of their memorials in Washington mirrors the closeness of ideals and values they believed in.
The genius of Dr. BR Ambedkar was nurtured in the years he spent at the Columbia University a century ago.
The impact of the US constitution on him was reflected in his drafting of the Indian constitution some three decades later.
Our independence was ignited by the same idealism that fuelled your struggle for freedom.
No wonder then that former Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee called India and the U.S. ‘natural allies’.
No wonder that the shared ideals and common philosophy of freedom shaped the bedrock of our ties.
No wonder then, that President Obama has called our ties the defining partnership of the 21st century.
Mr. Speaker,
More than fifteen years ago, Prime Minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee stood here and gave a call to step out of the ‘shadow of hesitation’of the past.
The pages of our friendship since then tell a remarkable story.
Today, our relationship has overcome the hesitations of history.
Comfort, candour and convergence define our conversations.
Through the cycle of elections and transitions of Administrations the intensity of our engagements has only grown.
And, in this exciting journey, the US Congress has acted as its compass.
You helped us turn barriers into bridges of partnership.
In the fall of 2008, when the Congress passed the India-U.S. Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement, it changed the very colours of leaves of our relationship.
We thank you for being there when the partnership needed you the most.
You have also stood by us in times of sorrow.
India will never forget the solidarity shown by the U.S. Congress when terrorists from across our border attacked Mumbai in November of 2008.
And for this, we are grateful.
Mr. Speaker,
I am informed that the working of the U.S. Congress is harmonious.
I am also told that you are well-known for your bipartisanship.
Well, you are not alone.
Time and again, I have also witnessed a similar spirit in the Indian Parliament, especially in our Upper House.
So, as you can see, we have many shared practices.
Mr. Speaker,
As this country knows well, every journey has its pioneers.
Very early on, they shaped a development partnership even when the meeting ground was more limited.
The genius of Norman Borlaug brought the Green Revolution and food security to India.
The excellence of the American Universities nurtured Institutes of Technology and Management in India.
And, I could go on.
Fast forward to today. The embrace of our partnership extends to the entirety of human endeavour-from the depths of the oceans to the vastness of the space.
Our S&T collaboration continues to helps us in cracking the age-old problems in the fields of public health, education, food, and agriculture.
Ties of commerce and investment are flourishing.
We trade more with the U.S. than with any other nation.
And, the flow of goods, services and capital between us generates jobs in both our societies.
As in trade, so in defence.
India exercises with the United States more than we do with any other partner.
Defence purchases have moved from almost zero to ten billion dollars in less than a decade.
Our cooperation also secures our cities and citizens from terrorists, and protects our critical infrastructure from cyber threats.
Civil Nuclear Cooperation, as I told President Obama yesterday, is a reality.
Mr. Speaker,
Our people to people links are strong; and there is close cultural connect between our societies.
SIRI tells us that India’s ancient heritage of Yoga has over 30 million practitioners in the U.S..
It is estimated that more Americans bend for yoga than to throw a curve ball.
And, no Mr. Speaker, we have not yet claimed intellectual property right on Yoga.
Connecting our two nations is also a unique and dynamic bridge of three million Indian Americans.
Today, they are among your best CEOs; academics; astronauts; scientists; economists; doctors; even spelling bee champions.
They are your strength. They are also the pride of India. They symbolize the best of both our societies.
Mr. Speaker,
My understanding of your great country began long before I entered public office.
Long before assuming office, I travelled coast to coast, covering 29 States of America.
I realized then that the real strength of the U.S. was in the dreams of its people and the boldness of their ambitions.
Today, Mr. Speaker, a similar spirit animates India.
Our 800 million youth, especially, are particularly impatient.
India is undergoing a profound social and economic change.
A billion of its citizens are already politically empowered.
My dream is to economically empower them through many social and economic transformations.
And, do so by 2022, the seventy-fifth anniversary of India’s independence.
My to-do list is long and ambitious. But you will understand.
It includes:
• A vibrant rural economy with robust farm sector;
• A roof over each head and electricity to all households;
• To skill millions of our youth;
• Build 100 smart cities;
• Have a broad band for a billion, and connect our villages to the digital world;
• And create a twenty-first century rail, road and port infrastructure.
These are not just aspirations; they are goals to be reached in a finite time-frame.
And, to be achieved with alight carbon foot print, with greater emphasis on renewables.
Mr. Speaker,
In every sector of India’s forward march, I see the U.S. as an indispensable partner.
Many of you also believe that a stronger and prosperous India is in America’s strategic interest.
Let us work together to convert shared ideals into practical cooperation.
There can be no doubt that in advancing this relationship, both nations stand to gain in great measure.
As the US businesses search for new areas of economic growth, markets for their goods, a pool of skilled resources, and global locations to produce and manufacture, India could be their ideal partner.
India’s strong economy, and growth rate of 7.6% per annum,is creating new opportunities for our mutual prosperity.
Transformative American technologies in India and growing investment by Indian companies in the United States both have a positive impact on the lives of our citizens.
Today, for their global research and development centres, India is the destination of choice for the U.S. companies.
Looking eastward from India, across the Pacific, the innovation strength of our two countries comes together in California.
Here, the innovative genius of America and India’s intellectual creativity are working to shape new industries of the future.
Mr. Speaker,
The 21st century has brought with it great opportunities.
But, it also comes with its own set of challenges.
Inter-dependence is increasing.
But, while some parts of the world are islands of growing economic prosperity; other are mired in conflicts.
In Asia, the absence of an agreed security architecture creates uncertainty.
Threats of terror are expanding, and new challenges are emerging in cyber and outer-space.
And, global institutions conceived in 20th century, seem unable to cope with new challenges or take on new responsibilities.
In this world full of multiple transitions and economic opportunities; growing uncertainties and political complexities; existing threats and new challenges; our engagement can make a difference by promoting:
• Cooperation not dominance;
• Connectivity not isolation;
• Respect for Global Commons;
• inclusive not exclusive mechanisms; and above all
• adherence to international rules and norms.
India is already assuming her responsibilities in securing the Indian Ocean region.
A strong India-U.S. partnership can anchor peace, prosperity and stability from Asia to Africa and from Indian Ocean to the Pacific.
It can also help ensure security of the sea lanes of commerce and freedom of navigation on seas.
But, the effectiveness of our cooperation would increase if international institutions framed with the mindset of the 20th century were to reflect the realities of today.
President Obama and I have agreed that India as a permanent member of the U.N Security Council,has to be an intrinsic part of this century’s new reality.
Mr. Speaker,
Before arriving in Washington D.C., I had visited Herat in Western Afghanistan to inaugurate Afghan-India Friendship Dam, a 42 MW hydro-electric project built with Indian assistance.
I was also there on the Christmas day last year to dedicate to that proud nation its Parliament, a testimony to our democratic ties.
Afghans naturally recognize that the sacrifices of American have helped create a better life.
But, your contribution in keeping the region safe and secure is deeply appreciated even beyond.
India too has made an enormous contribution and sacrifices to support our friendship with Afghan people.
A commitment to rebuild a peaceful,and stable and prosperous Afghanistan our shared objective.
Yet, Distinguished Members,not just in Afghanistan, but elsewhere in South Asia, and globally, terrorism remains the biggest threat.
In the territory stretching from West of India’s border to Africa, it may go by different names, from Laskhar-e-Taiba, to Taliban to ISIS.
But,it’s philosophy is common: of hate, murder and violence.
Although it’s shadow is spreading across the world, it is incubated in India’s neighbourhood.
I commend the members of the U.S. Congress for sending a clear message to those who preach and practice terrorism for political gains.
Refusing to reward them is the first step towards holding them accountable for their actions.
The fight against terrorism has to be fought at many levels.
And, the traditional tools of military, intelligence or diplomacy alone would not be able to win this fight.
Mr. Speaker,
We have both lost civilians and soldiers in combating it.
The need of the hour is for us to deepen our security cooperation.
And, base it on a policy:
• that isolates those who harbour, support and sponsor terrorists;
• that does not distinguish between “good” and “bad” terrorists; and
• that delinks religion from terrorism.
Also, for us to succeed, those who believe in humanity must come together to fight for it as one, and speak against this menace in one voice.
Terrorism must be delegitimized.
Mr. Speaker,
The benefits of our partnership extend not just to the nations and regions that need it most.
On our own, and by combining our capacities,we are also responding to other global challenges including when disaster strikes and where humanitarian relief is needed.
Far from our shores, we evacuated thousands from Yemen, Indians, Americans and others.
Nearer home, we were the first responders during Nepal’s earthquake, in the Maldives water crisis and most recently during landslide in Sri Lanka.
We are also one of the largest contributors of troops to UN Peace Keeping Operations.
Often,India and the U.S. have combined their strengths in science, technology and innovation to help fight hunger, poverty, diseases and illiteracy in different parts of the world.
The success of our partnership is also opening up new opportunities for learning, security and development from Asia to Africa.
And, the protection of environment and caring for the planet is central to our shared vision of a just world.
For us in India, to live in harmony with mother earth is part of our ancient belief.
And, to take from nature only what is most essential is part of our civilizational ethos.
Our partnership, therefore, aims to balance responsibilities with capabilities.
And, it also focuses on new ways to increase the availability and use of renewable energy.
A strong U.S. support for our initiative to form an International Solar Alliance is one such effort.
We are working together not just for a better future for ourselves, but for the whole world.
This has also been the goal of our efforts in G-20, East Asia Summit and Climate Change summits.
Mr. Speaker and Distinguished Members
As we deepen our partnership, there would be times when we would have differing perspectives.
But, since our interests and concerns converge, the autonomy in decision making and diversity in our perspectives can only add value to our partnership.
So, as we embark on a new journey, and seek new goals, let us focus not just on matters routine but transformational ideas.
Ideas which can focus:
• Not just on creating wealth but also creating value for our societies;
• Not just on immediate gains but also long term benefits;
• Not just on sharing best practices but also shaping partnerships; and
• Not just on building a bright future for our peoples, but in being a bridge to a more united, humane and prosperous world.
And,important for the success of this journey would be a need to view it with new eyes and new sensitivities.
When we do this, we will realise the full promise of this extraordinary relationship.
Mr. Speaker,
My final thoughts and words would reiterate that our relationship is primed for a momentous future.
The constraints of the past are behind us and foundations of the future are firmly in place.
In the lines of Walt Whitman,
“The Orchestra have sufficiently tuned their instruments, the baton has given the signal.”
And to that, if I might add, there is a new symphony in play.
Thank you Mr. Speaker and Distinguished members for this honour.
Thank you very much.