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A day to remember, celebrate and spread awareness for all days to come every year.




Happy Earth Day !

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“Happiness is something to be discovered within and not outside ”

                                  – Anonymous

The following image explains a lot on happiness.


Happiness is always there within and a natural tendency of all human beings. I have read and heard people talking about happiness during conversations. Most people I know wants to remain always happy and they don’t want to face insecurity or difficult times. They reject all negative factors coming on the way to our happiness.

Many among us believe difficult times are invited by our own thoughts and deeds. It’s not a byproduct of any action of others in our environment. I like these thoughts as an optimistic approach towards life.

Few other among us think like we are subject to get influenced by others in our environment as human beings are emotional by nature. They talk like we can’t make all happy and it’s better to work for our personal happiness. It sounds like a pessimistic thought but quite logical. So, I am not going to discard it completely.

The above two opinions are contradictory and set forth by two different groups of people. There is nothing to accept, reject or blame anybody as our thoughts are shaped by our personal experience in life.

It’s important to do an analysis and find how much happiness we can draw from within and much of it is completely dependent on external factors. We need a balance for better results as we must live in the society. We are responsible for our social environment and society can’t be rejected for personal happiness.

A good analysis followed by right actions may help us find more happiness and meaning to our life increasing the level of our happiness quotient.

If we can analyse the above graphical explanation well it’s possible to shape our thoughts in a positive direction and write an article.

I have already wrote something by this time with my random thoughts but still think it’s incomplete and should not be treated as an article. I think it’s incomplete without your opinions and I should update it at intervals when I learn better from your comments and suggestions.

Happy thinking, writing & sharing!!

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” I am crying but still trying and writing. Please don’t cry. I can’t see tears in your eyes. Just read on and pass on ”
      – An weeping soul

First of all a very happy ‘World Environment Day’ to all. Do you believe we create our environment? Our happiness or suffering greatly controlled by our environment. When we have the power to create our environment we can build the right one and give it adequate protection. We also need to protect the natural environment not created by us for our own benefit.

Today is world environment day and I am thinking about my mother. But today is not mother’s day. Are you surprised how do I relate my mother with my environment? Nothing surprising at all. Think like a baby and you will get all answer.

A mother’s womb is the first environment for a baby. It has everything for nourishment and growth of the baby. The baby feels safe in this environment and loves it. The world outside can never understand what and how the baby communicates with the mother while still inside the womb. It moves and changes position inside. Only a mother can understand it’s need.

What comes first? While love is misinterpreted by many lust is attributed with many factors. Your lust could be closely working with your greed to possess something as yours. What is the natural instinct of human beings?

Love is natural and gods wonderful creation. It is same as god.  It’s ‘anadi’ ( without a beginning) and ‘anant’ (without an end). We fail to understand love correctly as we develop lust within. Impure thoughts cause a lot of harm to our own and the world around us.

For example I love my little house and my natural environment surrounding me. Somebody is lusty about my environment and has a dream to make a lot of money to satisfy his greed. He bought all the land in my surrounding and built his factory destroying all forest land. I am still safe in my home as I refused to sell my piece of land. But how long? One fine day I decided to leave my house I loved so much as the I find my environment quite polluted and no longer safe for a living.

It’s easy to understand how we are all interdependent. The world is beautiful when we share love with all but our lust will destroy all relationship. When we grow older and develop senses to perceive the world around us we come to learn about lust. It is always secondary and love comes first in your life.

Just think about a child or your own childhood. How did you feel the touch of your mother when she caressed you at sleep? How did you feel when offered a chocolate by another family member?  You definitely in love with the other person even without your knowledge. The heart was filled with joy without the knowledge of any suffering as if the world is yours. You never felt insecure in the hands of your mother. That is pure love for your mother and affection of her to you. It’s only service without any expectation.

As a child you had no knowledge of lust. It’s all love only. So what comes first, now you decide. Now just spend some time thinking what all changed in your life as an adult. Now you have come across many in your life. How many are still in your life and care for you? How many you do still care about?
It’s only your mother and may be little of any other family member close to you like your father or sister.

So, what really changed for you by this time when you are almost half way through? It’s not the love but your perception attained by your experiences with people and your worldly knowledge. As a child you had no such knowledge and the pure heart was filled with love. You were an ever joyous personality free of all evil forces. It was only love and nothing else you first learned from your mother.

Mother has no replacement. She never asked you anything as a child you remember? Does she ask you anything now when you are well established and started earning? Her whole life is an example full of service and sacrifice for your development. I am no different and it’s all the same with me. She will never ask you anything for her own need. All she need is your time with her away from all other work. Don’t leave her alone at her old age.

Like your mother, your environment will never ask you anything except your love and care. We just need to give it adequate protection. This is all for our own benefit and well being. Sit with her and listen to her regularly. This will be the best investment of your time you spend with your loved ones. Talk to her and learn from her.

Our environment is like our mother. You love her and you will get all love in return. Probably, this is the reason we call it ‘mother nature’. Somebody who cares for us without any return expectation. We can rediscover our life within it. We all love our siblings.  We can understand our mother nature better if we can extend our love to it’s other creations as our siblings. I think we all understand what I mean. This includes all the flora and fauna.

” Learn always to love and never to hate anybody. You are an angel of god. The word ‘hatred’ should not find place in your dictionary ”

Do share and tell the world how much you care!




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