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This night’s full moon, the closest to the September equinox, is the Harvest Moon. Our friend Pat (e-Quips) published a lovely poem about it: you can read it here In the Northern Hemisphere the Harvest Moon is astronomically significant because even though the time between one moonrise…


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I reach out To the soul that I miss, The friend I know breathes to exist. The searching soul, That holds beauty in hand, That loves the stars and worships the sand. We run in the clouds, Drink the rain, Idolize the Moon, Sleep between grain. Wake up to the…


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Everyone do a simple exercise with me. *Breathe in* *Breathe out* *Breathe in* *Breathe out* Now, just imagine. While you were doing this exercise, someone took their last breath and someone took their first. I find this entire world mind boggling! • Access this and other poems in my…


Crash into my heart and mindEndless always undefinedLight of love, purely divineEternal rays of sunshineSacred touch made to entwineTenderness makes all hearts kindInfinite bliss that unblindsAlways prepared to alignLinking paths to form designs Visuals form awesome shrinesInspires then redefinesSerene forces well combinedInner strength flies unconfinedOuter views become refinedNever-ending hopes inclineSupreme source makes life feel fineContinue reading “WARM PRESENCE”


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Morning bursts forth in all its radiant glory, peering through the sheltered woods, highlighting trees, dancing on flowers. Steppingstones draw me to the damp creek. Frogs bury themselves in mud keeping cool Morning breezes will soon shift But, for now, the glorious morning shimmers. Backyard Painting: Dwight L. Roth Today, at…


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The stirrer matures in the muddy night,deep pools of black for him to glide.Living fossil, his snout points high,relic of a late summer sky. The elder wears his armored scutes,barbels long as full grown shoots.Open mouth without a tooth,he scoops the season wide. The sturgeon has no need…

PREM BHAYEE BAHAN KA/प्रेम भाई बहन का।

Madhusudan Singh Poems — PREM BHAYEE BAHAN KA/प्रेम भाई बहन का। भागो जितना भाग सको तुम,मुश्किल प्रेम को नाप सको तुम,भागो हमसे दूर कहीं मैं अम्बर तक आ जाऊँगी,मैं चुड़ैल सब तेरी बलाय,नोच-नोच खा जाऊँगी।हर अस्त्रों में महाशस्त्र ये,क्यों ना कच्चे धागे ये,हँसी-खुशी और नोक-झोंक के,रिस्ते सच्चे प्यारे ये,बहना का भाई है गहना,इस रिश्ते बिन…Continue reading “PREM BHAYEE BAHAN KA/प्रेम भाई बहन का।”


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the tree grows taller, andsometimes I feel smallerthan life as it manifests before me moments like thesecome and go, we know,and yet, as they arise,we continually strive… to knowthe answers, yet,will we remember to abide… insteadof fightingagainst the currentwe feel inside, let it subside and know, this energywill carry…


My heart bleeds buckets as I continue to walk the mountains and think of youI carry 2 buckets  up the hill… 1 for me  and 1 for you I stop to do what I can some ready for the offeringothers lost or there for the taking I continue to walk wishing I could do more but more is neverContinue reading “LOVE IS SOMETIMES WALKING AWAY”


http://worldofmanojdas.in/ Manoj Das (27 February 1934 – 27 April 2021) was an Indian author who wrote in Odia and English. In 2000, Manoj Das was awarded the Saraswati Samman. He was awarded Padma Shri in 2001, the fourth-highest Civilian Award in India, Padma Bhusan in 2020, the third highest Civilian Award in India for hisContinue reading “REMEMBERING MANOJ DAS”


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When you want to feel loved When you want to feel confident When you want to feel happy But you are feeling the exact opposite Have a glance At your daily life Look for the little moments That make you feel loved By your friends or family Or even when…