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Rest. Nap as often as you need;life can be exhausting – store up. Cry. Let your feelings be known –your voice is your saving grace. Joy is a whole body experience;immerse yourself in total delight. Hold on to those who love you;your survival depends on them. See the…

प्यास / THIRST

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कहीं भी और कभी भीगिरने लगते हैं,आँखों से आँसू ,इस तथ्य की परवाह किए बिनाकि मेरी प्यास बढ़ जाती हैउनके इस कृत्य से… 👀👀👀 Tears start fallingfrom the eyes anywhereand at any time,regardless of the factthat this act of theirsmakes me thirsty… –Kaushal Kishore


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The heart of a gardeneropens to the call of the earth.Every Spring and throughthe cycles of timethe call is there to plant, sow, water and createan expanse of color,texture, light and shadow.The heart of a gardeneris a creator and artist,displaying and weavingpatterns, while tending withthe love of Mother…


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DON’T lose your sense of humourDON’T care for their silly rumourThey say you are now too oldAnd you should be calm and coldThey just want to put you in jailAnd Then send you by emailThey will send you to hellAnd will dance on your smellToxic people are great…


Guide me like a lighthouse,illuminate my path.Remove stagnant self doubts,vanquish all unseen wraths . Downpours of great wisdom,come to narrate this life.Cascade with warm bright beams,that will live in my eyes. Reflective ever free,gleam sun rays everyday.Flow like the serene sea,at night with peaceful waves. Help me feel self assured,as held fears disappear.Make my heartContinue reading “GUIDING LIGHT”


Prints on a finger,are each made unique.Eye on the trigger,avoid critique. Live life and let live,follow inner voice.Resent or forgive,each path is a choice. People roam this earth,in search of purpose,ignore inner worth,to scratch the surface. Live life and let live,try to never judge,we get what we give,perceptions can smudge. Release and accept,dive deeply within.TryContinue reading “ACCEPTABLE”

तन्हाई (SOLITUDE)

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महफ़िलें, भीड़, मेले में भी हो अकेले जब। तन्हाई की आदत हो जाती है तब। तन्हा सफ़र की आदत जाती नहीं तब, तन्हाई की लगे जब तलब। एकांत की खुमारी छाने लगे। बिना नशा भी नशा आने लगे। मतलब तन्हाई बन गई है शौक़ अजब रब के आशीर्वाद…

मैं ख़ुद आईना

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आईने ने पूछा – क्यों लिए फिरती हो मुझे साथ? मैंने कहा – यक़ीं है, कड़वे लोगों को बेहतरीन ज़वाब दे ऊपरवाला थामे रहेगा मेरा हाथ। पर भूल से भी अहंकार में ना डूब जाऊँ, आईने में खुद को देख नज़रें झुकाऊँ, इस कोशिश में कि मैं ख़ुद…


Words can split one into two,they hurt more when they are true.Words can alter what ears hear,they expose deep inner fears. Words can break to then unite,they posses great unseen might.Words can slip off careless tongues,they pull knots that where once hung. Words can spray a thought that sting,they carry with unknown strings.Words can changeContinue reading “IMPACTFUL”


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It only seemsAs a matter of timeUntil my heart will burstWith all the love it containsFor youIt is like being in a telephone boothLockedAnd the water levels risingLike the love in my heartSome day when the water Gets too highMaking it difficult for meTo breatheI’ll finally expressAll the love I…


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The world is broken, ??????????? we are aware, ??????????????????????? but being alive on this crisp autumn morning, what a blessing ??????????????????????? to behold and he says, “The good news for today is I love you, Your heart, Your mind, Your soul.” The world may be broken, ??????????????????????? ??????????? but…


Swallow scoops of gold sunlight,feel them twinkle in my eyes.Swim within the vast blue sky,floating soul reaches new heights. Whimsical vibrating sounds,sparkle bright hues through the clouds.Joyful gifts fly all around,swaying chimes whisper so loud. A gentle breeze strums my swing,celestial touch cuts all strings.hear angelic voices sing,unfurling feathery wings. Grazes my head with insight,gratitude carriesContinue reading “EUPHORIC”


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Waves crash around me. You hold my hand tight. In this moment I feel free; As my soul takes flight. I’m breathing in the salty fresh air. The wind blowing through my hair; I gaze out into the vast, turquoise sea. It gets no better than this; you and…