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It’s good to dream and work on it to achieve. You will be happy when you see it getting fulfilled. There are only two results – success or failure. You will either get it or don’t get but the process will drive you further and make you more strong as a human being.

It’s important to start looking at the good qualities of our own, that in others and empower those beyond success & failure. There is no success without good will, dream and hard work.

There is greater chance of success through dream, dedication and good work. Every outcome is good. You grow as a person when you fail and an inspiration for all when you achieve your goal.

So, there is no substitute. You grow yourself and help others grow along with you. Show all the right direction. Help all with required motivation and inspiration. In this process you will observe the change in your life when you find that getting reflected from others.

We can make this world a much better place for all. So, dare to dream!

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Thinking to…

– Make new friends

– Spread awareness & happiness in my surrounding

– Be more disciplined

– Accept all as they are without condition and show the right direction for change if it’s for good

– Help people raise their livelihood

– Spend more time with kids and be the first teacher as pre-schooling activity

– Read a lot and collect creative ideas to write more

– Have more live interaction with people and less time on internet based social networks

– Learn to speak a new language

– Travel a lot at regular intervals

– Spend more time with nature

– Take more ownership & responsibility