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Pointless Overthinking

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My Dear Friend,

You’re in a tough place now, I know. You see no purpose or joy in life right now, I understand. There is a dark cloud following you everywhere and you see nothing but pain and… nothing, you’re right. You wish everything should stop with all costs, and no wonder. Everything seems pointless and you have a strong belief your future will be the same. You question everything, even the reason for your existence. Who would want to live such a miserable life?

In these tough times, I ask you to think about me. Think about the fact it wasn’t always like this. Think that someone somewhere loves you and they think about you every single day. Think about the fact that you’ve been through similar moments in the past and you managed to get through somehow. You’re stronger than you think…

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A Thought on my Plate

Oh My Love !
Where have you been?
Are you beside the books ?
Inside the configuration of molecules.

Oh My Love !
Where have you been?
Are you get stuck in between the expectations!
Behind the dreams of fulfilling, other’s wishes.

Oh My Love !
Where have you been?
Don’t you tired, hiding innumerous pain
Behind your charming smiles.

Oh My Love !
Where have you been?
Don’t be so shy;
Speak out, with your heart open.

Oh My Love !
Where have you been?
Don’t be so pessimistic;
Have courage,
And accept your responsibilities.

Oh My Love !
Where have you been ?
Don’t be so timid,
Be bold,
And have faith in yourself.

Oh My Love !
Where you have been?
You’re not alone,
I’m with you;
In your ups and downs.
I’m with you;
In the storms of your struggle.
I’m with you;
In your intolerable…

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Mental Health Awareness

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Depression is something which can’t be seen in a person.It can only be sensed by talking to a person.You never know what a person is going through.One should always be kind with people.Knowing a person is disturbed and pinching them knowingly can lead to mental trauma.Be humble.Be kind.Be patient with people if they told you they are depressed.Listen to them.Talk to them.Its the only way to save a life from committing suicide.

Here are some signs which can help you out to identify you are suffering through depression:-

You’re continually bothered and furious.

Nothing fulfills you for in excess of a couple of moments.

Yelling at individuals is your preferred type of correspondence.

You attempt to keep away from discussions or eye to eye connection with individuals.

Your mouth harms when you grin since you’ve lost the propensity for doing as such.

You have no clue about what you’re doing…

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“एक स्त्री”

जब बच्चों की नादानियाँ न थम रहे हों,
बापू की डाँट से बचने को वो सहम रहे हों,
तब ममता की छाव लिए जो पास आये, एक स्त्री।

जब चंदू खूब शैतानियां ढा रहा हो,
अपने बंधु से ही हाथापाई कर आ रहा हो,
तब पड़ोस की आंटी से जो बचाये, एक स्त्री।

जब खिलौनों की मनसा मन ही मन उमड़ रही हो,
स्वाती अपने भाई से माँगने को लड़ रही हो,
तब इक खिलौना नया जो पास लाये, एक स्त्री।

जब स्कूल का कार्य अधूरा रह रहा हो,
मास्टर रोज़-रोज़ शिकायतें कर रहा हो,
तब एक अध्यापिका जो घर-घर हम पाएं, एक स्त्री।

जब राखी का पर्व मिठाईयां ला रहा हो,
चंदू, स्वाती से स्नेह बंधवा रहा हो,
तब उसे फ़र्ज़ का पाठ जो पढ़ाये, एक स्त्री।

जब चंदू जवानी का पायदान चढ़ रहा हो,
और लड़का-लड़की में फर्क समझ रहा हो,
तब दोनों…

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I was inspired to write on this topic while listening to a speech early morning today. I will not rewrite the speech but represent my analysis of the speech as i understood.

To be continued…


Success and failure are all part of life. People who understand and learn from failure can become more successful in their endeavours when they overcome the pain of failure.

I am a sports lover and a big fan of Indian cricket team. I love to watch them in action on the field. I too watch all the gesture, their body language and team communication.

I was inspired to write this blog post after watching the boys in action in the recent T20 international of the ongoing series with the Kiwis.

Winning for some is a choice, few get it by chance and for the elite few it’s a habit. There is no looking back when you are a winner. I beleive our cricket team has gained a lot of inspiration and motivation in the current series.
There is all gain and no loss. It’s not because they are unbeaten so far in the series but in many other aspects like the uplifting and ever increasing team morale.

It was a comfortable ride for the team in the first two encounters in this T20I series. The first one was a high scoring match and the boys displayed great character with both bat and ball to win it comfortably chasing second. You gain lot of courage and self belief when you successfully chase a high score in this limited over format of the game.

The second one also won with ease which was a complete team effort. The next two games were not very high scoring and our boys stretched both games to super overs that eventually won by them. The seemingly easy games for the Kiwis snatched away by our boys and our skipper admitted that. It’s a great display of character by our boys and especially the seamers with the ball.

In the super overs we won both encounter by the heroics of our boys. It’s not by chance but because of the game plan with high team morale. Fortune favours the brave. They wanted to make it right from the first ball and preferred not to wait and observe the bowler. The bowler is always on the back foot in an over when the first ball is a big hit.

I beleive our boys have made it up a habit as winners giving equal importance to win each game and not just a series win which is already with us. Today we have the last match of this T20I series. On this occasion i wish our heroes great time on the ground. Let’s witness another great game of cricket!