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“If our thoughts are pure, it becomes easy to say what we think and do what we say. Let’s be ourselves, be natural. It is far easier than pretending to be someone else.”

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World Maritime Day – 24th September

The World Maritime Day theme for this year is “Empowering Women in the Maritime Community”.

This day provides an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of gender equality, in line with the United Nations ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ and to highlight the important yet underutilized contribution of women in the maritime sector.

Empowering women fuels thriving economics across the world, spurs growth and development, and benefits everyone working in the global maritime community in the drive towards safe, secure, clean and sustainable shipping.

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“A loveful command does not arouse hostility. It makes the person great.”

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World Rose Day – 22nd September

[Observed every year on this day in the memory of Melinda Rose (who suffered with cancer but fought it in great spirit till her last breathe) to spread awareness how to fight cancer cheerfully keeping hope alive]

Rose day is observed to let all cancer patients aware that they can face the disease with strong willpower and spirit. Alertness about cancer is important not only for supporting the patients, but also to prevent it. Awareness programs on this day also make normal people feel the importance of being cautious about cancer.

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युद्ध से नफरत कर

The Horizon

युद्ध विनाश है
इससे नफरत कर
सभ्यताओं का करे सर्वनाश
जिसे रखा युगों से संजो कर
युद्ध कोई जवाब नहीं
है ये एक सवाल
टाल सिर पर लटकी
युद्ध की तलवार
भला न तेरा, भला न मेरा
फिर क्यों करता
ये भी मेरा, वो भी मेरा ?
मोहब्बत से जीत सकते
हैं हर युद्ध अगर
फिर क्यों तू बनाता
बैठ हथियार रात भर
शुरू या अंत में युद्ध समाप्त होता
जब हाथ मिला, हस्ताक्षर कर
तुम्हारे निशाने पर है कोई अगर
तुम भी हो किसी के निशाने पर
बर्बाद कर पृथ्वी को
खुद खड़े बर्बादी के मुहाने पर
इस धरती का क्या दोष
मासूमों का क्या दोष
सांसारिक वस्तुओं खातिर
जीवन दाँव पर लगा
कहाँ खोया हमने अपना होश
जीते तो हम अपनों के लिए हैं
वरना जानवर भी क्या कम हैं
अपने ही हाथों खोदनी पड़ती
अपनों की कब्र है
इस धरा पर सब
धरा रह जाना है

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This day of the year is globally celebrated as the international day of peace and I think we can find peace within our own selves. We must seek it within before looking at world peace. If a man cannot find peace within himself, can there be peace in this world?

Calmness and tolerance act like air-conditioning in a room; they increase a person’s efficiency“.

“Calmness and tolerance act like air-conditioning in a room; they increase a person’s efficiency”.

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Rudra's Blog

Swami Vivekananda at Thousand Island Park, Taken at Lamson & Van Camp Studios, T.I.P.

Vivekananda at Thousand Island Park

The auspicious place where Swamiji got Nirvikalposamadhi

Columbian Hotel at Thousand Island Park

Students are taught to see God in everything

Vivekananda Cottage ( Dutcher’s House) at Thousand Island Park

” All are but parts of one stupendous whole,/ Whose body Nature is, and God the Soul.” – Alexander Pope

World Teacher Swami Vivekananda is still a vibrant personality and admirable divine soul to the people of East and West . He is sometimes compared with Buddha, a great incarnation of God. In his book Travel and Talk , published in 1896, the Rev. Mr. Haweis gives an account of the Parliament and makes particular mention of ” the popular Hindu Monk ” , even wrote about Swamiji’s physiognomy which has been reproduced by Swami Yogeshananda in Vedanta for East and…

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मैं इंसान हूं

Profound to the roots.
Great poem!

The Horizon

समझना चाहो तो मैं
खुली किताब हूँ
नहीं तो
खुद से ही अनजान हूँ
किसी का अरमान
किसी का जहान हूँ
गलतियों की खदान
ज्ञान का आसमान हूं
मैं ही हूं जीवन
मैं ही आम
मैं ही खास हूं
प्रेम का स्रोत
अपना ही परिणाम हूं
मैं ही शांति दूत
मैं ही जंग का आधार
कभी पल-पल में अलग
कभी एक समान हूँ
न कम आंक मुझे
मैं इंसान हूँ
खुद में ही ब्रह्मांड हूँ ॥

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“To use foul language means i am not intelligent enough to find other words.”

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Gaze at the waves, with caps of white, standing tall like snow-capped mountains. They rise up and move forward, with crowns. Crowns of purity and power, majestic masters.

See their motions: relentless, unaffected by objects in their path – whether full or glittering, large or small. Tireless, they know not the word ‘obstacles’.

Power, being confident that though a few battles may be lost, the great war will be won by conquerors. Determined that though sometimes the goal seems far away and oh so high, determined to reach the goal.

Nothing attracts or distracts the strong-willed. Being fearless; no weak thoughts of doubt. Having strength and using it to face, without wincing the impurities within and without; strength to destroy them- Brave Warriors.

Being stable in the awareness that I am a child of God, the almighty authority, and being an obedient child, having the right to claim that authority.