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“In a bitter world, one drop of true love is an ocean in the desert.”

Love is indeed the most powerful force. It can take us to great heights and leave us light and airy. Yet it has been the most abused and misused force. Many degraded things pass for love.

There is a popular song which states that “What the world needs now is love – sweet love”. What the world actually needs is an accurate and a correct understanding of love. True love is based on understanding, mutual trust and respect, not simply on emotions.

Love is being in balance; that is, in harmony with the self, God and our fellow men. Love is selflessness. Love is not an emotional state confined to whims and fancies, but a transcendent state of consciousness which goes beyond the bodily forms. Love has nothing to do with bodies; love dwells in the soul.

We must allow our love to flow out and around us. By allowing our love to flow, we become moistened and remain forever fresh, attractive and healthy. Without love, all of life’s treasures are locked away from our vision and experiences, for indeed “Love is the key”.



The Horizon

जिस्म से नहीं, होता है जब इश्क़ रूह से
तब वो इश्क़, इश्क़ नहीं, बंधन रूहानी होता है ।

रोता है, जब कोई प्रेमी किसी की याद में
तब वो आँसू, आँसू नहीं, पवित्र मोती होता है ।

कोई ग़ज़लकार तो नहीं इश्क़ फरमाने वाले, पर इश्क़ में
कलम से निकला हर लफ्ज़ एक शायरी होता है ।

सिखा देता है इश्क़, इश्क़ में क्या से क्या कर गुज़रना
हर जाहिल आवारा दिल, इश्क़ में माहिर होता है ।

ज़माने से छुपाते फिरते हैं, अपने इश्क़ को इश्कजादे
पर इश्क़ बिन बताए, आँखों से जग-जाहिर होता है ।

इश्क़ को मिटाने के लिए बहुतेरे दुश्मन पैदा होंगे
पर इस बंधन को सँवारने खातिर खुदा खुद माली होता है ।

मुश्किल राहें अनेक हैं, एक से बढ़कर एक हैं
पर इश्क़ के खेल में, पत्थर भी पानी होता है ॥

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A Thought on my Plate

Oh My Love !
Where have you been?
Are you beside the books ?
Inside the configuration of molecules.

Oh My Love !
Where have you been?
Are you get stuck in between the expectations!
Behind the dreams of fulfilling, other’s wishes.

Oh My Love !
Where have you been?
Don’t you tired, hiding innumerous pain
Behind your charming smiles.

Oh My Love !
Where have you been?
Don’t be so shy;
Speak out, with your heart open.

Oh My Love !
Where have you been?
Don’t be so pessimistic;
Have courage,
And accept your responsibilities.

Oh My Love !
Where have you been ?
Don’t be so timid,
Be bold,
And have faith in yourself.

Oh My Love !
Where you have been?
You’re not alone,
I’m with you;
In your ups and downs.
I’m with you;
In the storms of your struggle.
I’m with you;
In your intolerable…

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I had little knowledge about the significance of valentine’s day. I heard  about it for the first time in india during the days of my graduation many years back. I came to know it as the martyrdom day of saint valentine. It is mostly observed among youth to celebrate love.

I thought like why any specific day of the year when love is such a powerful force and great value to be celebrated every day of the year. By this time I was curious to know more about saint valentine and the significance of this day.

In our place where society is very conservative, It has always been under controversy as something derived from western culture and not originally part of us. There is strong opposition by different communities in india on this day and they feel it should be replaced as parents worship day.

I read articles on web to know more about it. Following are few good source of information.





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The words untrammelled

When I shiver with fear,
My eye will drop a tear,
I will need someone dear,
To be there to hear;

My heart sinks so low,
And my smile says ” no”,
Tough stories all in a row,
You will be the first to know;

The grief will crowd in a hurry,
My wish I would try to bury,
With every reason to worry,
In you I will find my sanctuary!

Copyright 2015 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh

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पिता (FATHER)

I love this poem. Here the love of a child for father is very well expressed.

I tried with Google translator on the original poem written in hindi language and got the following.

I find those in the mind,
I bow that head there,
Under whose shadow
I am able to define,
Thoughts which I can do,
Bring success to life,
They are such priests,
Whose I am called son.

Whenever hopeless ever happens,
Or get upset,
While still on the path,
The path gets confused,
Then the mother gives wishes,
And from where I bring patience,
Resolving confusing paths,
Then I get it from ancestral knowledge,
They are such priests,
Whose songs I sing.

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Nice poem with great expression of human emotions…

Vrunda Chauk

i fall for him when he calls me “princess”

i fall for him when shows kindness for humans and animals alike

i fall for him when he knows me more than i understand myself

i fall for him when he genuinely shows interest in things i love

i fall for him when he is angry and then even more angry coz he can’t stay mad at me

i fall for him when he touches me without using his hands

i fall for him when he tells me he would still love me the same even when i make a mess

i fall for him when he understands the pain I’ve been through and promises me a “happily ever after”

i fall for him when he understands and supports my passion

i fall for him when he encourages me to be the best version of myself

i fall for him when…

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