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Happy Independence Day

Today we are celebrating 73rd independence day of our nation.

Today is also the full moon day in the month of ‘Shrawan’ when we celebrate the festival of rakshabandhan signifying the bond between brothers and sisters.

I wish all great time ahead with rapid growth and development of our country!


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I am utterly unhappy with the quality of my life at present. Do you have such thoughts arising in your mind and what was your approach to make it better?

Are you willing to change to lift up your living standards? How many times did you wonder in search of finding the correct standard of living?

If you have no such questions in mind you might have discovered all earlier and an extremely happy person now as you are living in with your core values.

If you have never analysed and never came across such questions it’s bound to happen at some point of time in your future life.

It’s in our hands and in our own interests to set the correct standard of living for ourselves.

When fire breaks out in the forest it spreads very fast (when not controlled in time) and the neighbourhood too feels the warmth at a distance. It doesn’t matter to fire whether it’s natural or man made. It will burn all coming under it’s control beyond recognition of it’s creator.

So, for a happy life we want for our own and for our dear ones we need to build a more sustainable environment and give it protection.

With the right environment we are all safe and secure. Our society too runs on the same principles. We ourselves need to start living in a society we want to give to our future generations.

The social environment need to be sustainable if not completely perfect. By doing this the value systems will be automatically carried forward and we will need less teaching for our children. They will inherit and learn from the system.

We all have the right to live a richer life we ever want. This is possible with a more value driven society conducive for all to live in.

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I’m feeling good with my positive thoughts. Human beings can cause mistakes and i am not perfect. My worried mind can’t find peace. It’s wastage of time thinking about everything we have no control over like the past or the future. I can’t go back to history to change anything at my past. I should not think of any event of future as it is unknown to me. We have no control over it. I can only learn from my past to set correct standard of living for a brighter future. Every event we pass through is by the mercy of GOD. We need to respect that and live happily at our present.

Time is the greatest healer. When I feel I have not done great with myself or others at any point of time I don’t allow the feeling of guilt grab my mind. I learnt over time it’s important to forgive ourselves for all we couldn’t do perfect. This generates more positive energy to think better and do more.

The self healing process begins here when we allow all negative energy go away from us.

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Change comes with agreement for a common need. Any change under pressure without proper understanding of the need never lasts longer. Understanding comes with mutual respect when people listen one another, they do open discussion and reach at common agreement.

Children don’t accept change easily as they don’t understand the need. They do what they love to do. They need effective mentoring and guidance. They should not be put under too much pressure to accept something unreasonable to them. It may affect their creativity. Any change for them is temporary and they come back soon to their natural instincts. They just need to be guided in a direction for maximum utilisation of their creativity.

No change really required unless and until people make themselves ready to embrace the change. We need sustainable change for generations to come. We need enormous patience and guided action to realise the change.

Love is the key factor for change. People change for people they love. The process often takes time.

There is absolutely nothing to worry too much thinking about what is right or wrong. It may develop feeling of guilt and hatred. We must give protection to all under common umbrella.

When I change myself for the good, I actually generate a direction for others to follow. Again, love is the key.

The process is continuous and change is inevitable!

So, let’s enjoy and witness the change.

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Movie of the month: Manikarnika-The Queen of Jhansi

Kangana at her directorial best shows the way how to retell history. People say it’s easy when you play the dual role of an actor and the director in the same play as you know how to drive on your own. It’s not really that easy to carry out a lot of responsibility.

When you are making a film based on history with a patriotic theme, then there are many advantages but there are also number of challenges. The biggest challenge is the audience that comes with a particular frame of mind. Choosing Manikarnika as the title and not the other popular names that the main character of the movie is known for might have been a very small way of trying to overcome this challenge. However,even facts need to be presented in a way that thr audience remains engaged and entertained for the entire duration of the movie. Manikarnika excels in its presentation with a sharp screenplay and a very well structured script.

A beginning or a setup that introduces characters and the conflicts but also hooks with scintilliating scenes and sequences of the main character.The end of the beginning is marked with a plot, and that begins the middle and often the longest part of a script. This is the part where the main character grows, evolves and transforms. Kangana has done it in a way never seen in any other acts by any other actor so far in the history of Indian films.The end although predictive does not fail to attract the attention with the action sequences. The best part of the movie is that it never strayed away from the theme of courage and patriotism.

Cinematography is at its best with the impeccable lighting accentuating the beauty amd grace of Kangana while camera captures the emotions with innumerable close up shots. But the stellar shots have to be the ones taken in the batttle fields. Prasoon Joshi’s rhyming dialogues strikes an instant chord as it tells less and shows more.

Manikarnika is going to be the best movie ever produced that will set new benchmark for every quality aspect of film making.

Spared a thought for our odia guy Nihar Ranjan Samal. I’d heard about his accolades and the strong footmark he is making as a sound designer in the film industry. Close your eyes and open your ears and then if you can feel what is happening, then most of the credit goes to this man.

Watch it to believe it!