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Do you know that TIME is more important than LOVE? You know why? If I give you LOVE but I don’t have TIME, would you believe that I LOVE YOU? Maybe not! But if I give you time because I love you. I am sure that you believe 100 percent…


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Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com Love doesn’t have to be romantic,  It can be platonic, familial, Any kind at all As long as there are multiple hearts involved,  And they beat for the sake of one another,  That is true love © 29 June 2019, by Haley Scully


In the days of Covid-19 when there is no respite and we have to live with it for a greater period of time, I’m seeking ideas for a brighter future of all living species on earth. I am thinking on how we can contribute to stay safe, live better, become more self reliant, using localContinue reading “THINK GLOBAL START LOCAL”


Two legendary actors passed away an week back fighting for life and succumbing to cancer. While Irrfan gave in to colon cancer after a long battle, Rishi followed suit the next day to leukemia. The news was terrifying and heart breaking at a time when we observe the lockdown period for a not so wellContinue reading “END OF AN ERA”