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Two legendary actors passed away an week back fighting for life and succumbing to cancer. While Irrfan gave in to colon cancer after a long battle, Rishi followed suit the next day to leukemia.

The news was terrifying and heart breaking at a time when we observe the lockdown period for a not so well known threat which medical science has no answer yet. I heard of cancer as cent percent curable long back but have no belief anymore.

Irrfan was a fellow from the National school of drama and an artist of very different category unlike many youngsters of present day. He had won heart of many by his remarkable performance in both bollywood and hollywood. I still remember his acting in movies like the Jurassic world and Life of Pi. There are many to name in the bollywood film industry like Paan Singh Tomar and recently the angrezi  medium.

Here I convey my heartfelt condolences to the families of the deceased and my prayers to god to help their souls rest in peace.

Both had a great career in the film industry. I have watched many of their movies in the past. I will recollect those from memory and would like to mention few here that touched my heart.