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“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”

~Mother Teresa

Everything has a home; a place and a purpose. This life is no different. We all have a personal legend to fulfill, and a home.

Love is no different either.

This is the truth that pervades all existence. It lives within the innermost spaces of our hearts and envelopes all of creation. It inspires courage, art, and passion. It causes war, and brings forth peace. It moves through and around us; a force that speaks gently and boldly, eloquent and firm, forever reminding us of its presence, forever allowing us to see our souls.

But where does it live? Where does it emanate from? What causes it to exist?

The truth is so simple, yet so often misunderstood and even more forgotten.

in this simplicity, I recall with such clarity most of my childhood. These times I believe I learned the most valuable lessons all through simplicity, through the smallest gestures and the purest stories. One particular truth I learned came in the form of a cartoon.

My younger brother’s favorite cartoon was The Care Bears. Though today he may not admit it, this is simply a fact. The story was simple. Bears lived in the clouds.. and they were created to care, to spread love. In the event that something dramatic happened, that some form of evil would threaten, they would band together and “Care Stare, ” and love in its various forms would emanate forth from their chests.

They would defeat anything by projecting love forth from their being, their essence, their reason for being.

This is life’s most simple lesson, yet its most forgotten one.

Love lives within and without. It was never born and it never will perish. It always was and always will be. It is timeless, perfect and pure. It is the engine of all that exists, and you must only feel its presence to know its power.

We can defeat anything with love. We can become anything, do anything, be anything all with love. It is where we live, and it lives among us all the while.

Life is but an echo, a ripple in the water that never stops expanding. What we do in this life, what we think, how we perceive this world will only come back to us they way we project it out. It is causal, becoming always what we choose in the moment.

We all live with love. It is our companion from birth, and will lie down with us when we pass on, comforting our journey beyond this world.

Love is simplicity. It is the lesson we must all learn and the answer we all seek

Go forth and feel love, be love. Hold onto it when it touches you, and spread it forth to all who may cross your path. This is why we are here.

In the end, love is all that really matters.

Simple, I know.

Source: Where Love Lives

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difference-between-soulmates-and-twinflames Image Credit Foreverconscious.com

“What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life … to strengthen each other … to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories.”
— George Eliot

We all have many people in our lives whom we care for, love and cherish. Many of these faces have come and gone, and many still remain. It is in the space of this thought where I often wonder about all of the faces that I’ve seen, even be it for a brief moment, but then I never see again.

Our eyes meet for reasons unknown. Our paths cross for simple hello’s. But some of us have known each other before time began.

These are those we’ve always known.

I wonder just how many people one meets in their life on average. Possibly thousands I would imagine. And of…

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Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

How many times have you let anxiety, worry and fear be your meditation? It robs us of sleep, peace and makes some grouches. We do not enjoy today, due to doubt and fear, failing to trust God. Too often, we give the enemy, more power than he deserves.

God, however, wants you to cry out to him, in prayer. He hears and answers us. His desires to take all our cares and bless us, abundantly. He loves it, when we look to him, as our Problem Solver. He knows all the twists, turns and obstructions, in our pathway and goes ahead of us, removing the obstacles. He is  our strength, help and shelter from life’s storms. He invites us, to come to him, for rest, placing our trust in him, not the circumstances. He never fail us!

Be strong. Take courage. Don’t be intimidated. Don’t give them a…

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