You might be in a dilemma with your choice in decision making. You feel both are very important and inseparable. You are still thinking some way out to continue your association with both. You are happy when you discovered the way forward by the mercy of GOD. Now it’s an easy to arrive at aContinue reading “INDIVIDUAL Or INSTITUTION”

What I Like About It (Movie Review)

Movie name: Hichki Language: Hindi Genre: Inspiring bollywood drama/comedy   I watched this movie recently and i feel there are some good points for all to learn from it as it has a strong message to our society. We can find several reviews on this movie over internet and other media. I’ll not write here much onContinue reading “What I Like About It (Movie Review)”


​It’s not only the skills of a player but the mindset that matters a lot for success. Indian test cricket captain Virat Kohli proved it again in the fourth test match against the English today.  I could not watch him playing live in this test. I was keenly following the scorecard and commentary on theContinue reading “PLAYING TO WIN – A LEADERS CHOICE”