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I came across some news that talks a lot about automation. The topic itself is quite debatable. Is automation going to replace all human workforce with machines like robots? I don’t think it’s possible and there is good reason why I think so. My common sense says machines are operated by humans and not the vice versa. After spending a considerable time there, I thought of compiling my thoughts to papers in the interest of all in a global community. I may be rewriting the same thoughts here propounded by few great thinkers much before me. That will only be a coincidence and i will still go ahead writing that again.

People talk a lot about job security. I really don’t understand its true meaning. This fear only traumatize many before that really happens to them. After all why are they feel insecure about their job? To my understanding and in short it comes when ‘we do things wrong and we don’t want to leave our comfort zone’. To survive in competition we need to upgrade ourselves. This is the law of nature. Survival of the fittest is an age old theory and applicable everywhere. This is a need and not a choice.

It’s not about middle class or a higher class. It’s not about more skilled labor or less skilled ones. It’s more about honesty, integrity and fitness at work. Everybody has equal opportunity at work. It’s not always skill but very often about our interest to learn, grow and do the right things. If a sweeper is not doing his job right, she/he may be redundant in long run. Here there is no question of skill here. It’s lack of motivation and dedication at work. If the person is being asked to do some other job, probably it’s to match her/his fitness and interest. In this case the person will definitely get a chance to learn and fit to a new environment. The worst happens only in case of denial when the person shows no interest to do good for her/his company.

If things get automated, that does not imply less skilled man power will be replaced by m/cs. After all who is going to run those m/cs. Machines need instruction and can’t operate on their own. So the need is to up-skill ourselves to run those m/cs. It’s quite possible a four person job will be performed by one person. This approach is not inhuman and we should not think the other three people will be redundant and will lose their job.

Business thinks of people first. Why can’t those three people take time to up skill themselves to fit in some better opportunity rather than thinking to keep their present job secure. I don’t think any decision comes overnight with a days’ notice. People think about people and there is ample time to learn and grow. I think this is quite a positive approach. Every company wants to do good business safeguarding interest of people and the organization. Bad time comes only to those who resist change and have no interest to learn new things to fit better with changing times.

Change is the only constant and a law of nature.
We must embrace change gracefully!


*** You might have better thoughts about this in your mind. I’d love to read your comments what you think about embracing change. Help me learn more and generate more powerful thoughts!

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I have an interesting idea I’d like to share with you. You might have thought of this before and don’t find anything new about it. I’d still request you to read this article and comment open-heartedly.

All of us must have few fun memories of their childhood. Let’s compile those in the form of an article. If we are hundred in the group we can have 100 articles. We can keep our writing limited to 1-2 pages <500 – 1000 words>. Once we are done, we can publish a book of about 100-200 pages. All names will appear in that book as contributor/author. We can think later what to name the book and for a good cover page.

This way we can easily become an author of a book. This may inspire us write more and better and come up with our own books with some good idea. Let’s tell the world we are capable and have great writing skills.

There is really no need to think now what we can gain out of it by writing an essay. Let’s just think about how much value we can add to our own lives and to that of other people in our society. Just imagine how will be that feeling when somebody say thanks to you or send you a thank you note after reading your book. The readers can be our colleagues, school/colleague mates and your immediate family members. Doing this not only can we enrich the lives of all in our society but I’d say it’s another step towards our personal success too.

All of us might have thought of doing something different at some point of time apart from what we do in out day-today work/falily life.  It can be another milestone and can give us a very rich experience. What better can a person do than sharing our knowledge and experience with others? This may help all our readers go back to their childhood to recall fun memories. This will again inspire them to do better with their happy memories. This can be enjoyed by all age groups. We can help all rediscover themselves to live a happy and more fulfilling life.

Let’s make writing an addiction. I do enjoy and i am sure it will give you an all new experience. This addiction can be enjoyed throughout our life even when we become grandparents to few. If you believe me it’s much better to any other habit like watching TV, movies, drinking and smoking.

Do write to me how do you feel about my idea. Please share with me more interesting book ideas. If you don’t find this article interesting/inspiring, help me with your thoughts what i should do to write better. Please feel free while writing your comments and complements. I love to hear both as i learn better from criticisms rather than complements.

I am sure you are now thinking of writing something more interesting after reading all of the above. If you share with me your childhood memories, I’ll definitely take it forward and publish a book. Let’s shape out thoughts with new wings with our ideas unlimited.

Do share with me everything you like or dislike. It could be about your hobbies, books etc. Let me know how you learn better and gather more ideas. For example, it could be reading interesting news articles that compel/inspire you to think more positive and write something different.

I’d love to read your childhood memories here in comments or at my personal email -> n.debasis@gmail.com. I have few more presence including social media as follows:

Times Speaking Tree: http://www.speakingtree.in/debasisnayak/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/debasis.nayak.140
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DEBASISNAYAK5

I will be happy to read your thoughts at all of the above.
Let’s help each other begin/enhance our writing career.
Happy reading & writing!!


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Virtual reality (VR) is something that can take you beyond your imagination. Thanks to technology. Today, for the first time i enjoyed something very special. I have enjoyed the roller-coaster ride and scary house. It’s real fun when you visualize things happening around you in a 3D environment. How do you feel when you find a dinosaur approaching you inside your home? It can give a real feeling if you have never witnessed that before.

Both children and adults can enjoy it equally. I’d say adults should visit a center nearby who find it difficult to go to an amusement park like wonderla. There are many restrictions for them because of age and health related issues. But here, they can enjoy the show at their desk.

I got very good information there. For technology enthusiasts who want to create such an environment at home there is good news. It will cost you about 1.5-2 lakh rupees for both the software and hardware. It needs a machine with very high quality processor, a video graphics card of about 8 GM RAM and many more things that we can easily find out with some basic web search.

Have you ever experienced VR or something similar to this? Please share your experience. I’d love to read your comments here. I will be happy to read your emails too. I frequently access my email – n.debasis@gmail.com. I am present in social media too and can be reached there.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/debasis.nayak.140
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DEBASISNAYAK5

Please do write to me how you feel about it.
Have a great time and have fun with the world of VR!!