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September 15 is celebrated as Engineers Day in India. The day is celebrated by the Engineering Community all over India as a tribute to India’s greatest engineer Bharat Ratna Visvesvaraya, who was born on September 15, 1860.

This year the theme of Engineers day is “Engineering Challenges for Knowledge Era”.
To celebrate this day and wish your friends here is a list of messages, quotes and wishes that you can share with them.

We build the world (Civil Engineer.)

We build the magic world (Computer Engineer)

We connect the world (Electronics and Communication Engineer.)

We are the powers of world (Electrical Engineer)

We move the world (Mechanical Engineer).

A poem is being dedicated to our engineers across the globe!

We have the capability to bring a change,
We have the potential to make this world a better place,
We are the future of tomorrow !
We are the engineers

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Virtual reality (VR) is something that can take you beyond your imagination. Thanks to technology. Today, for the first time i enjoyed something very special. I have enjoyed the roller-coaster ride and scary house. It’s real fun when you visualize things happening around you in a 3D environment. How do you feel when you find a dinosaur approaching you inside your home? It can give a real feeling if you have never witnessed that before.

Both children and adults can enjoy it equally. I’d say adults should visit a center nearby who find it difficult to go to an amusement park like wonderla. There are many restrictions for them because of age and health related issues. But here, they can enjoy the show at their desk.

I got very good information there. For technology enthusiasts who want to create such an environment at home there is good news. It will cost you about 1.5-2 lakh rupees for both the software and hardware. It needs a machine with very high quality processor, a video graphics card of about 8 GM RAM and many more things that we can easily find out with some basic web search.

Have you ever experienced VR or something similar to this? Please share your experience. I’d love to read your comments here. I will be happy to read your emails too. I frequently access my email – n.debasis@gmail.com. I am present in social media too and can be reached there.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/debasis.nayak.140
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DEBASISNAYAK5

Please do write to me how you feel about it.
Have a great time and have fun with the world of VR!!