Mission… “To bring all human beings under one roof as part of a global family where insecurity is never a concern. Here, all are secure forever.” We see major issues in relationships when people lack values. With great values we can build great relationships and a greater society. Values need to be developed from earlyContinue reading “BUILDING GREAT RELATIONSHIPS”


I am now going to write something which may sound utterly negative and pessimistic attitude towards life. Many of us might have developed these kinds of thought before out of their experience in life. Few of us like to express and few others don’t do because of unknown fear. Let’s try to approach it differentlyContinue reading “WHEN I DO NOTHING”


Nothing more than one’s own thoughts I guess. People who successfully change their course of action for the better proudly say I am not a product of my circumstances. Rather they say like I have changed this and that. People view them as leaders who create their own destiny. Probably, I am not. I haveContinue reading “WHAT’S HOLDING YOU BACK?”