Nothing more than one’s own thoughts I guess. People who successfully change their course of action for the better proudly say I am not a product of my circumstances. Rather they say like I have changed this and that. People view them as leaders who create their own destiny. Probably, I am not. I have a long way to go before I can realize my dreams.

Sometimes ours goals suffer how we prioritize tasks in life. I am not much worried if it’s for a good social cause. We still can pursue our passion and dreams.

Not all cricket commentators play cricket but they know well how to attract people listen to them. It’s a bonus if you know all the rules of the game well when you plan to start your career as a commentator. It’s really easy for a sports person. Some are very good at inspiring others but fail measurably when it comes to their own part. I guess you are not. Either category is fine and they can do well at their own field. It all depends on our level of commitment to excel in our own field.

I often think why did I study engineering? What am I doing as an engineer? Many of my friends feel like the same. What is my natural instinct and what should be my real field of action? Shall I pursue a career with big corporates? What should I do to understand my own strengths and weaknesses?  Of late I understood I am more inclined to society and social service rather than any other field of work.

Similar questions might be arising in your mind. If so, let me know in writing what you do to overcome your negative thoughts, solve permanently all your financial issues and pursue your passion.

More detailed information can be found here in the article as follows …

“Don’t let anything hold you back from your dreams” Many times when we’re going after our dreams and aspirations it always seems like there’s something holding us back. Rather its monetary issues, …

Source: What’s Holding You Back?

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