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Image credit; Tim Hüfner @ Unsplash I look back in time to see a ?tiny shadow caper around, up to her frivolous antics. Her cherubic smile complements her ?vivacious spirit. She embraces mirth in life’s tiny delights, living each moment, without a care of being judged. Complacent and forgiving by nature…


Happiness is when you contribute to a purpose bigger than yourself. Becoming an advocate for the bullied and tackling things about bullying that few people think about is where I get my happiness. That purpose is informing others aspects of bullying that no one talks about and in that, helping targets reclaim their personal power.Continue reading “HAPPINESS”


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“Happiness is something to be discovered within and not outside ” ????????????????????????????????? – Anonymous The following image explains a lot on happiness. Happiness is always there within and a natural tendency of all human beings. I have read and heard people talking about happiness during conversations. Most people I know…