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वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्


R K Karnani blog

वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्
मेरा ऐसा मानना है कि समाज में पहले से अधिक भाईचारा है और विशेष कर कोरोना काल के प्रादुर्भाव से और भी बढ़ा है |  परिवार से शुरुवात होकर पास पड़ोस, फिर मकान या कॉम्प्लेक्स और फिर अपने समाज ,शहर आदि में इस भाईचारे का फैलाव दुनिया के सभी वृद्धाश्रमों को बंद करने की शक्ति  रखता है| लॉकडाउन के समय के अपने अनुभव से मन में आये  विचारों को शब्द दिए थे वही साझा कर रहा हूँ | शुरुवात मैंने जरूर अपने समाज का नाम लेकर की है क्योंकि इसे ही मैंने नजदीक से देखा है पर मेरे अनुसार यही  हर समाज का सच है, कहीं बहुत कहीं कुछ कम ! 
और सबसे अहम् बात जिसे कहने का प्रयास कर रहा हूँ वो है की वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् साकार होने की पहली पायदान है संयुक्त परिवार!

management funda: 'vasudev kutumbakam' is an Evergreen Idea | 'वसुधैव  कुटुम्बकम' एक सदाबहार विचार है! - Dainik Bhaskar

संयुक्त परिवार की चाह 
(वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् की ओर पहला कदम)

मेरा मारवाड़ी समाज
है प्राचीन,है नवीन
अनेकता में एकता
विभिन्नता पर एकता

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युद्ध से नफरत कर

The Horizon

युद्ध विनाश है
इससे नफरत कर
सभ्यताओं का करे सर्वनाश
जिसे रखा युगों से संजो कर
युद्ध कोई जवाब नहीं
है ये एक सवाल
टाल सिर पर लटकी
युद्ध की तलवार
भला न तेरा, भला न मेरा
फिर क्यों करता
ये भी मेरा, वो भी मेरा ?
मोहब्बत से जीत सकते
हैं हर युद्ध अगर
फिर क्यों तू बनाता
बैठ हथियार रात भर
शुरू या अंत में युद्ध समाप्त होता
जब हाथ मिला, हस्ताक्षर कर
तुम्हारे निशाने पर है कोई अगर
तुम भी हो किसी के निशाने पर
बर्बाद कर पृथ्वी को
खुद खड़े बर्बादी के मुहाने पर
इस धरती का क्या दोष
मासूमों का क्या दोष
सांसारिक वस्तुओं खातिर
जीवन दाँव पर लगा
कहाँ खोया हमने अपना होश
जीते तो हम अपनों के लिए हैं
वरना जानवर भी क्या कम हैं
अपने ही हाथों खोदनी पड़ती
अपनों की कब्र है
इस धरा पर सब
धरा रह जाना है

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Gaze at the waves, with caps of white, standing tall like snow-capped mountains. They rise up and move forward, with crowns. Crowns of purity and power, majestic masters.

See their motions: relentless, unaffected by objects in their path – whether full or glittering, large or small. Tireless, they know not the word ‘obstacles’.

Power, being confident that though a few battles may be lost, the great war will be won by conquerors. Determined that though sometimes the goal seems far away and oh so high, determined to reach the goal.

Nothing attracts or distracts the strong-willed. Being fearless; no weak thoughts of doubt. Having strength and using it to face, without wincing the impurities within and without; strength to destroy them- Brave Warriors.

Being stable in the awareness that I am a child of God, the almighty authority, and being an obedient child, having the right to claim that authority.



Inspirational words…


The child’s first school is his home and his first guru are his parents.An infant learns all actions from his parents in the early stages of life and thus, acquires knowledge.Parents not only teach good to their children, but also identify their good and bad deeds.

Parent’s behavior and actions have a direct impact on them.It depends on the environment of the house; whatever, right or wrong, they learn from the home.Therefore, the role of parents is very important.As a parent, your children will try to learn things the way you do them.

If you want to make your child’s future beautiful, make your dreams come true so you become a role model for them. After birth, the infant learns to speak, eat, drink, play, write or perform other activities by living with the parents continuously.

For a young child, it is like an informal school. Similarly, when the child…

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“In a bitter world, one drop of true love is an ocean in the desert.”

Love is indeed the most powerful force. It can take us to great heights and leave us light and airy. Yet it has been the most abused and misused force. Many degraded things pass for love.

There is a popular song which states that “What the world needs now is love – sweet love”. What the world actually needs is an accurate and a correct understanding of love. True love is based on understanding, mutual trust and respect, not simply on emotions.

Love is being in balance; that is, in harmony with the self, God and our fellow men. Love is selflessness. Love is not an emotional state confined to whims and fancies, but a transcendent state of consciousness which goes beyond the bodily forms. Love has nothing to do with bodies; love dwells in the soul.

We must allow our love to flow out and around us. By allowing our love to flow, we become moistened and remain forever fresh, attractive and healthy. Without love, all of life’s treasures are locked away from our vision and experiences, for indeed “Love is the key”.



Today we celebrate international literacy day and I have some thoughts on this day. There is significant difference between education and literacy I was thinking about. As per the meaning a person is literate who knows how to read and write. On the other hand a person may or may not be educated who is literate. By education we don’t mean degrees on papers but the entire system of upbringing that makes a person future ready. Education reflects in the behaviour and day to day activities of a person. An well educated person stands out in the crowd and can be easily recognised among masses.

International Literacy Day 2020 focuses on “Literacy teaching and learning in the Covid-19 crisis”.



It may seem almost useless to talk about peace when all around us we see a continued state of ‘peacelessness’. It is this state that forces on us the necessity of finding our own source of peace to draw upon and live from.

Consider the flowers. They too live in this peaceless environment. They too have to endure the pollution and decay of the world of nature. Yet, wherever they found – by the congested road side, near the swamps, in the desert, amid the thorns and sometimes even on the dung hill – they are eternally beautiful, gay and fragrant. It is not by chance that flowers are given for every occasion, even the most sorrowful. Flowers call forth images of peace and tranquility. It is their nature.

We are also like flowers. We are the flowers of the garden of God. In this worldwide garden of everyday hustle and bustle, we too are threatened with pollution and degraded circumstances. Being flowers, we are expected to live in our natural state of peace and spread our fragrance all around us.

When we realise that the original nature of our soul is that of peace, we can combine with God who is the Ocean of Peace and so become the embodiment of peace…a living, thinking flower.



To forget our troubles we should remember God

Bliss is the happiness beyond the senses. Beyond the laughter, the merriment. Away from the sways of the joys I have known. Not lost in the gentle pulls of the winds, nor using the eyes to see that which lightens and brightens, not using the ears to be hypnotized by the musicale manifique, and not using the mouth to taste the sweetness of the first fruit of the season.

Rather, sitting alone with myself; quietly… silently… thoughts turned within. Listening to the sound of silence. Then, thoughts turned beyond the physical, in tune with the spiritual – the peaceful, the pure. Few thoughts….. the union with my Father, the blissful one; experiencing His peace being peaceful; experiencing His love-being loveful; experiencing His bliss-being blissful.



To the world, the murderer condemned to die has no mercy. To the murderer, the world has no mercy; and so the long, strong chain of man’s inhumanity to man continues. It is the story of man judging his fellow-man and extracting what he thinks is the price to be paid for an action…non-action. There is always a price to pay.

Now a days, it is felt that to show mercy is a sign of weakness in character. Not true. Rather it is a sign of great strength, vision and wisdom. To be merciful is to show an accurate understanding of the situations in life which go way beyond the facts and evidences as they are presented visibly.

To be merciful indicates an elevated consciousness, so high, that in spite of the disparities and bad actions, we can have the strength to say “I understand and I forgive”.

“The princess among us are those who forget themselves and serve mankind”



Life is a continuous learning and reading process

It does impart and teach lessons without a recess

All lessons are without lectures, books and classrooms nonetheless

We remember them for a lifetime ; failed or passed nevertheless

My best teacher undoubtedly was who taught me English

She was determined each of her students became a linguist…

My Best Teacher