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Forgiveness is the greatest virtue.
It is required for self to think better and move ahead when we do wrong. Self forgiveness is as important as that for others. It’s often easy to forgive and forget the act of others when we think they did wrong to us. Forgiving the self is quite difficult when we understand the wrong doing by us is intentional. It’s very important to forgive our own irrespective of the reason behind all wrong doing. It will open doors for acceptance and change.

It’s important not to forget self change as the key to change management.

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I am utterly unhappy with the quality of my life at present. Do you have such thoughts arising in your mind and what was your approach to make it better?

Are you willing to change to lift up your living standards? How many times did you wonder in search of finding the correct standard of living?

If you have no such questions in mind you might have discovered all earlier and an extremely happy person now as you are living in with your core values.

If you have never analysed and never came across such questions it’s bound to happen at some point of time in your future life.

It’s in our hands and in our own interests to set the correct standard of living for ourselves.

When fire breaks out in the forest it spreads very fast (when not controlled in time) and the neighbourhood too feels the warmth at a distance. It doesn’t matter to fire whether it’s natural or man made. It will burn all coming under it’s control beyond recognition of it’s creator.

So, for a happy life we want for our own and for our dear ones we need to build a more sustainable environment and give it protection.

With the right environment we are all safe and secure. Our society too runs on the same principles. We ourselves need to start living in a society we want to give to our future generations.

The social environment need to be sustainable if not completely perfect. By doing this the value systems will be automatically carried forward and we will need less teaching for our children. They will inherit and learn from the system.

We all have the right to live a richer life we ever want. This is possible with a more value driven society conducive for all to live in.

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I’m feeling good with my positive thoughts. Human beings can cause mistakes and i am not perfect. My worried mind can’t find peace. It’s wastage of time thinking about everything we have no control over like the past or the future. I can’t go back to history to change anything at my past. I should not think of any event of future as it is unknown to me. We have no control over it. I can only learn from my past to set correct standard of living for a brighter future. Every event we pass through is by the mercy of GOD. We need to respect that and live happily at our present.

Time is the greatest healer. When I feel I have not done great with myself or others at any point of time I don’t allow the feeling of guilt grab my mind. I learnt over time it’s important to forgive ourselves for all we couldn’t do perfect. This generates more positive energy to think better and do more.

The self healing process begins here when we allow all negative energy go away from us.