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नया साल

Great thoughts!

The Golden Moon's Poetry

बीत गया वो साल गया
देखो फिर नया साल आया है
फिर सर्दियों के महीनों में
हर्ष और उल्लास आया है
कुछ साथी संग के छूट गए
कुछ अपने थे जो रूठ गए
कुछ अनजाने थे वो जुड़ गए
यूं ही खट्टे मीठे अनुभव लाया है
बीत गया वो साल गया
देखो फिर नया साल आया है,

हर तरफ उत्साह , धूम मची है
पुराने पलो की याद छिडी है
नए उमंगों संग, नए सपने ये लाया है
बीत गया वो साल गया
देखो फिर नया साल आया है

तू भूल मत पिछला अपना
क्या सीखा तूने, क्या पाया है
वो अनमोल रत्न तेरे अनुभव
तेरे भाग्य के कुछ अनकहे संकल्प
नए अनुभव के साथ ये फिर
नया साल आया है
बीत गया वो साल नया
देखो फिर नया साल आया है

गिर कर उठना ,उठ कर गिरना
तू चलते चलना राही निडर
जीवन तो निरंतर चलना है
रुक कर…

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Good read!

We Build Confidence through Inspiration & Motivation

Believe me! Life is too short to live. If we spent it in the thinking, to do awful and atrocious to someone or try to put his soul in a troublesome situation. If we Shake our false ego with the shade of a bad creations. Believe me! We will never be happy throughout our life. In some case if it gives you false satisfaction, but one day you will feel sorrow by that action. But at that time, you will be too late and your life will never ever give you a chance to readjust everything.

So just love your surroundings and spread happiness. It will cost you nothing, but in return it will brighten your emotions and fulfill your personality with positive emotions. The goodness you give to someone will be back to you one day with a double price. God will never waste your good deeds though…

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I was trying to understand what blocks me think more positive. Why at times i am unable to control my mind and get carried away. I discussed with people in my community to understand if they have ever encountered such situations and how they feel that time. I asked what they do to overcome and gain more control over their mind.

In this process i came to learn great lessons from a story on mental slavery. I will narrate the story here in my words.

To be continued…

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Nice poem with great expression of human emotions…

Vrunda Chauk

i fall for him when he calls me “princess”

i fall for him when shows kindness for humans and animals alike

i fall for him when he knows me more than i understand myself

i fall for him when he genuinely shows interest in things i love

i fall for him when he is angry and then even more angry coz he can’t stay mad at me

i fall for him when he touches me without using his hands

i fall for him when he tells me he would still love me the same even when i make a mess

i fall for him when he understands the pain I’ve been through and promises me a “happily ever after”

i fall for him when he understands and supports my passion

i fall for him when he encourages me to be the best version of myself

i fall for him when…

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“To bring all human beings under one roof as part of a global family where insecurity is never a concern. Here, all are secure forever.”

We see major issues in relationships when people lack values. With great values we can build great relationships and a greater society.

Values need to be developed from early childhood. Children learn values from our actions even before they start communicating. They imitate us and our actions.

Let’s discover our personal values in life. It’s essential for any fruitful relationship as it becomes part of our day to day living. We can share only those values with others that we have inculcated in us. I will share my insights on how to build great values some other time.

As a practice i follow few tips i learned over time. People like us when we do the following. Share your learning with others. Mention a friend and share what you like about him/her. Admire someone in public during a meeting, at your speech or some other event.

Let people know you care about them and grateful for their contribution. Help someone in need from your heart because you are a nice person and want to provide service without any expectations.

It will have exponential effect. The feelgood factor will energize all further to do better. It’s a great motivational factor that helps people think different.
This way we can build a human value chain with a strong network. This force will build our future generations helping them learn better and do better. They will develop strong bond with fellow human beings with a service mentality.

(This article needs updation…)

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We are not responsible for everything. This is an important factor to consider for a new beginning. This process will help us with self forgiveness and recreation.

Everything in this world is not happening because of you and me. I must respect god’s will and decision for every action. Though we can’t control every situation, still there is a need to accept us for our actions and work further to make a situation better.

I have accepted myself as a very normal human being who is susceptible to human emotions and can cause an error. My level of understanding and expertise is not the same now what it was during my school days.

There is a child living in all of us who wants to break-free. Sometimes we cause mistakes out of mischief. The event is over and the child feels very happy now to have caused a great job. His brain not well developed at this stage to foresee after effects of his actions. So, he played at his will without any calculations and consideration for future.

What do you do when you cause an error either intentionally or by chance?
In my case i learned to accept it unconditionally so that i can prevent myself causing any such incident in future.

I am learning everyday. We need to completely surrender before God and accept ourselves. Without acceptance we can’t expect change as we can’t think better to produce much better results.

When we understand a need and take necessary action within our limitations, God will stand by us.