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Change comes with agreement for a common need. Any change under pressure without proper understanding of the need never lasts longer. Understanding comes with mutual respect when people listen one another, they do open discussion and reach at common agreement.

Children don’t accept change easily as they don’t understand the need. They do what they love to do. They need effective mentoring and guidance. They should not be put under too much pressure to accept something unreasonable to them. It may affect their creativity. Any change for them is temporary and they come back soon to their natural instincts. They just need to be guided in a direction for maximum utilisation of their creativity.

No change really required unless and until people make themselves ready to embrace the change. We need sustainable change for generations to come. We need enormous patience and guided action to realise the change.

Love is the key factor for change. People change for people they love. The process often takes time.

There is absolutely nothing to worry too much thinking about what is right or wrong. It may develop feeling of guilt and hatred. We must give protection to all under common umbrella.

When I change myself for the good, I actually generate a direction for others to follow. Again, love is the key.

The process is continuous and change is inevitable!

So, let’s enjoy and witness the change.

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Movie of the month: Manikarnika-The Queen of Jhansi

Kangana at her directorial best shows the way how to retell history. People say it’s easy when you play the dual role of an actor and the director in the same play as you know how to drive on your own. It’s not really that easy to carry out a lot of responsibility.

When you are making a film based on history with a patriotic theme, then there are many advantages but there are also number of challenges. The biggest challenge is the audience that comes with a particular frame of mind. Choosing Manikarnika as the title and not the other popular names that the main character of the movie is known for might have been a very small way of trying to overcome this challenge. However,even facts need to be presented in a way that thr audience remains engaged and entertained for the entire duration of the movie. Manikarnika excels in its presentation with a sharp screenplay and a very well structured script.

A beginning or a setup that introduces characters and the conflicts but also hooks with scintilliating scenes and sequences of the main character.The end of the beginning is marked with a plot, and that begins the middle and often the longest part of a script. This is the part where the main character grows, evolves and transforms. Kangana has done it in a way never seen in any other acts by any other actor so far in the history of Indian films.The end although predictive does not fail to attract the attention with the action sequences. The best part of the movie is that it never strayed away from the theme of courage and patriotism.

Cinematography is at its best with the impeccable lighting accentuating the beauty amd grace of Kangana while camera captures the emotions with innumerable close up shots. But the stellar shots have to be the ones taken in the batttle fields. Prasoon Joshi’s rhyming dialogues strikes an instant chord as it tells less and shows more.

Manikarnika is going to be the best movie ever produced that will set new benchmark for every quality aspect of film making.

Spared a thought for our odia guy Nihar Ranjan Samal. I’d heard about his accolades and the strong footmark he is making as a sound designer in the film industry. Close your eyes and open your ears and then if you can feel what is happening, then most of the credit goes to this man.

Watch it to believe it!

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It’s good to dream and work on it to achieve. You will be happy when you see it getting fulfilled. There are only two results – success or failure. You will either get it or don’t get but the process will drive you further and make you more strong as a human being.

It’s important to start looking at the good qualities of our own, that in others and empower those beyond success & failure. There is no success without good will, dream and hard work.

There is greater chance of success through dream, dedication and good work. Every outcome is good. You grow as a person when you fail and an inspiration for all when you achieve your goal.

So, there is no substitute. You grow yourself and help others grow along with you. Show all the right direction. Help all with required motivation and inspiration. In this process you will observe the change in your life when you find that getting reflected from others.

We can make this world a much better place for all. So, dare to dream!

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Thinking to…

– Make new friends

– Spread awareness & happiness in my surrounding

– Be more disciplined

– Accept all as they are without condition and show the right direction for change if it’s for good

– Help people raise their livelihood

– Spend more time with kids and be the first teacher as pre-schooling activity

– Read a lot and collect creative ideas to write more

– Have more live interaction with people and less time on internet based social networks

– Learn to speak a new language

– Travel a lot at regular intervals

– Spend more time with nature

– Take more ownership & responsibility

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I am now going to write something which may sound utterly negative and pessimistic attitude towards life. Many of us might have developed these kinds of thought before out of their experience in life. Few of us like to express and few others don’t do because of unknown fear. Let’s try to approach it differently with a positive spirit.

I had a sound sleep for few hours today afternoon. I had a dream after a long time. I was feeling good inside and ever thankful to the power I don’t understand who reconnected the broken string. I was rejoicing with a thought I can sing again to the tunes of music.

I used to dream a lot in my childhood thinking about stories I hear and others I watch on TV. Suddenly all those disappeared as I grew up. I felt like I am ever busy and there is no time to dream. I had a feeling I lost my true nature. I never understood if it is because of my surrounding environment. Why can’t I develop those powerful thoughts again as in my childhood? What is really missing?

When is the last time you felt abandoned and isolated? A feeling of nothing to do for anyone as all your near and dear ones going away from you who are never reachable again. You are in complete isolation without connection with the world outside. You tried to reach people but you understand now nobody wants you. You have to live in your world as they can’t come to your world.

You are in a deep thought now what is the living force in me. You are seeking answers to many of your questions. What is the purpose of my living? Who will show me the direction to move ahead? You are still doing nothing but thinking with a hope to find some way out to get accepted by people and comeback to a common society. You are striving to live a life of a common human being as anybody else in the society.

You are in a state of depression when you don’t get enough support from your immediate family including your spouse/kids. It is because they don’t like the life you live. They are in love with the material world where they want to possess more and more wealth. They are not in love with you now as they understand you can’t give them the world they like. They are annoyed with the idea of social change. They don’t support your activities too in this direction.

This is the time when feel deep isolation even when you see people around. This is primarily because your idea of life don’t match with others and hence you are unable to walk together with others. Still you feel you are in the right direction and should not change your footsteps for others. You tried best to make people understand the road you are traveling now but all in vain as they feel high insecurity in this direction. They don’t believe your choosen path will give them the satisfaction they want out of life.

You have no way to walk together but to walk alone till your last breath. You have a very big heart to accept all as they are and forgive. You don’t believe in quitting. You are still searching your roots and the strong guiding force in you. You are ever hopeful to see the sun rise again.

Who is your companion now? Do you believe in superpower?

Let’s analyse, correlate with some experience in our own lives and understand better. I am trying to understand. Often I don’t understand my own writings and think like someone else in me doing the same. I am not the kind of person who can produce these thoughts.

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