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Do you know that TIME is more important than LOVE?

You know why?

If I give you LOVE but I don’t have TIME, would you believe that I LOVE YOU? Maybe not!

But if I give you time because I love you. I am sure that you believe 100 percent and I am sure on myself too that I love you.

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“एक स्त्री”

जब बच्चों की नादानियाँ न थम रहे हों,
बापू की डाँट से बचने को वो सहम रहे हों,
तब ममता की छाव लिए जो पास आये, एक स्त्री।

जब चंदू खूब शैतानियां ढा रहा हो,
अपने बंधु से ही हाथापाई कर आ रहा हो,
तब पड़ोस की आंटी से जो बचाये, एक स्त्री।

जब खिलौनों की मनसा मन ही मन उमड़ रही हो,
स्वाती अपने भाई से माँगने को लड़ रही हो,
तब इक खिलौना नया जो पास लाये, एक स्त्री।

जब स्कूल का कार्य अधूरा रह रहा हो,
मास्टर रोज़-रोज़ शिकायतें कर रहा हो,
तब एक अध्यापिका जो घर-घर हम पाएं, एक स्त्री।

जब राखी का पर्व मिठाईयां ला रहा हो,
चंदू, स्वाती से स्नेह बंधवा रहा हो,
तब उसे फ़र्ज़ का पाठ जो पढ़ाये, एक स्त्री।

जब चंदू जवानी का पायदान चढ़ रहा हो,
और लड़का-लड़की में फर्क समझ रहा हो,
तब दोनों…

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I had little knowledge about the significance of valentine’s day. I heard  about it for the first time in india during the days of my graduation many years back. I came to know it as the martyrdom day of saint valentine. It is mostly observed among youth to celebrate love.

I thought like why any specific day of the year when love is such a powerful force and great value to be celebrated every day of the year. By this time I was curious to know more about saint valentine and the significance of this day.

In our place where society is very conservative, It has always been under controversy as something derived from western culture and not originally part of us. There is strong opposition by different communities in india on this day and they feel it should be replaced as parents worship day.

I read articles on web to know more about it. Following are few good source of information.





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The words untrammelled

When I shiver with fear,
My eye will drop a tear,
I will need someone dear,
To be there to hear;

My heart sinks so low,
And my smile says ” no”,
Tough stories all in a row,
You will be the first to know;

The grief will crowd in a hurry,
My wish I would try to bury,
With every reason to worry,
In you I will find my sanctuary!

Copyright 2015 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh

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