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Some of the best years of my life were spent during my ministry training in Southern California.? Soon after arriving, I joined a ministry for young working singles.? Though I had no interest at all in finding a wife at that time, I found it immensely entertaining watching…


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Let obedience to God be your habit. Oftentimes, you choose things in life with the dominant thought if it pleases you or not. “Will I be happy if I make this decision?” “Do I feel satisfied?” “What will others say?” These are not really wrong questions. They are essential…


The company of friends and family is always cherished but we should not forget to live in the company of god as well when in need and in the absence of an ideal company. There is nothing like loneliness when we live in the company of the almighty. Have a great day of peace andContinue reading “BEING ALONE”


Education is essential in order to make a living in this physical world, but in order to make living a success, in order to experience every moment of life as new, every day as a day of upliftment and blessing, and to have lasting peace, firstly, knowledge of self is of utmost importance. “Know thyself”Continue reading “KNOWLEDGE”


A request to readers: My blog always talks about all positive aspects of life. Please don’t get surprised at all if you find all negative thoughts coined together in the following post. It has a purpose. It’s unbearable to me as well while writing this. Please bear with me. We never know when the almightyContinue reading “LIFE LITTLE UNDERSTOOD – A CONFESSION”