Please read below an experience of a doctor couple who did their best to help a kid who suffered an accident. They are pleading for justice and the post went viral on social media.

” I am describing an incident, which happened on 24th of December 2015 and the after effects of it for a common person.

A doctor couple with their 2yr old child, were returning from Puri on 24the DEC evening.  Car speed about 50km/hr. Out of complete darkness, a small girl hits the front wind shield and rolls down from the car on braking (as she was running across the highway ). They stop.( A higher speed vehicle would have run over such a small child ) Child was breathing but unconscious.

How will an average Indian react in such a situation?
a) Flee from the place taking advantage of darkness & forget the incidence
b) Flee from the place, fearing a mob attack & go to the nearest police station to narrate the incidence
c) Take the child to the nearest hospital & drop her at the casualty. Responsibility over & leave her to fate. Go to the police station to narrate the incidence

The doctor couple did something else for which they are suffering since last 6 months.

They carried the girl to nearby Chandanpur PHC, then to Puri district HQ hospital along with her parents in their own car. As the child was unconscious, she was referred to a higher centre.

Parents said that they are very poor, can’t spend a single penny and asked the doctor couple to save the life of their child.

Now, there was only one option. They had to take the child to SUM hospital ( where the doctor couple work) so that immediate attention can be given on credit at dead of the night. Immediately CT scan was done in presence of radiologist ,neurosurgeon and neurologist& ICU specialist. Patient was shifted to ICU. The expert opinion was that operation was not needed, but due to unconsciousness child had to be put on ventilator.

The doctor went to Chandanpur policestation, Puri next day to give information about the accident.
Child stayed in ICU for 19 days with lot of complication and was revived. Afterwards, she was shifted to general ward in stable condition.The doctor couple bore the entire cost of ICU & ward treatment for the first 30 days( approximately 1.5 lakh rupees – which was well beyond their capacity) . There after SUM hospital management took the entire responsibility of the child’s treatment & rehabilitation. No other relatives or village residents of the child came forward to help.

The doctor couple explained the parents about the possibility of getting a good amount of money by insurance claim ( accident ). Her parents refused to even speak to insurance people, to do the processing. Rather they wanted 5 lakh rupees from the doctor couple for the accident caused.

Recovery in such brain injuries will be slow as per neurologists. The parents lost patience and left the child in the hospital.

The doctor couple started gets threatening phone calls from relatives,  Media, & other sources .  Both of them got scared to pickup any phone calls. But being doctors one can’t avoid picking up calls even at odd times.
Some news paper has already written all wrong things about this incident , charging the doctor of negligence. Some news reporters want the doctor couple to adopt the child for life. Some people claiming to belong to a political group have threatened to kill the doctor couple if five lakh rupees is not paid.
About 3 weeks back, ( since the parents left the girl alone on hospital ),the hospital administration informed police, Child Welfare Commission(CWC) &  human rights commission. ThePuri collector, Puri CDMO, CWC combinedto decide to shift the girl to SCBMCH for free physiotherapy and nursing care till her complete recovery. This can happen only in the presence of the parents ( who have left the child alone)
In the absence of parents, SUM hospital has taken utmost care of the child.
Last Monday( 6th June), her parents performed a rally ( with some villagers) infront of SUM Hospital, demanding immediate arrest of the concerned doctor & 5 lakh compensation. Now some media group has started doing false propaganda in facebook & other social media regarding negligence caused by the doctor couple & SUM Hospital.

This is my story & this is what I have gone through in the past 6 months . I am Dr. Chandrasekhar Pradhan, Assistant prof Anaesthesiology&my  wife Dr. Rani Sahu, Assistant prof. in Microbiology. We have one child who is in play school& dependent parents.I feel threatened, harassed, humiliated,defamed, in severe mental distress and have difficulty in performing my normal hospital duties.

My honest question to every one who reads this post …….
Is this the reward we get for helping a poor girl child who met with an accident? What is our fault and what can we do to live a normal life and return to hospital work.

The worry is,  this can happen to any one of us. Small children are playing on the road and any one of them can rush into our vehicle & even a speed of 40 to 50 km/hr can be disastrous. As a responsible citizen, if I take the child to hospital & try to help as per my capacity, shall I will still be facing this ordeal ?  ”

What was their fault? What could have they done better?

In my opinion matters should go public when we work for a noble cause. There should be nothing to hide when we are innocent. But how can we prove our innocence. For that we need to have timely actions as per social need. As responsible citizens we need to abide by the law as well.

Let’s help people as per need and avoid all controversy. When you help somebody you need to have a record somewhere so that people can come to your rescue in case of unpleasant circumstances. You need to have registered details in his hospital records and need to have derails of accident in police records as well. Keep a copy of both with you. Police record will help you know about parents of the kid. The more information you have in public the more secure you are.

Humanity should not be at stake and people need to keep faith doing good for others. Humanity will suffer if we lose that self belief.

Any other opinion?
Please do share your experience to help build a better world.

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