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Quotations – Not so great!

Following are few quotes by a mystic mind (who doesn’t understand himself/herself well).

” I will do everything to make you cry but you can’t stop laughing out loud now from every corner of your heart. ”

“You and me are no different now. You must first love yourself in order to love me well.”

” I cherish for you but don’t miss you anymore as you live in a house no more hidden to me and which nobody can break. ”

” Life is blissful when you experience sorrow and pleasure at the same time.”

” You are blissful because of the purity of your heart that discards all doubts arising in the mind. ”

” You don’t know how you changed my life. I want to make your day count.”

” Thanks for your annoyance that sparked in me few positive thoughts in abundance.”

” You helped me discover myself and I am filled with everlasting joy & happiness ”

” Heart always speaks of happiness as your best friend and it’s the mind that often brings turbulence. ”

” People sometimes do good to us even without their true knowledge. I will remain ever grateful for your contributions to shape my life. ”

” You are no less an angel to me. Be there always in my life and you decide how.”

” It’s always difficult to bear losing a company of like minded people who care for us. But this loss again changes with our perspective how we see our job – just a job to make money or if you have an higher ordeal. ”

” You are never at loss when our primary job responsibility includes mentoring. Do this on your own self as well at the time of need for a lasting happiness. ”

” Nothing is a loss when our intentions are noble and vision clear. ”

” Help yourself live a life with more peace and joy that can’t be taken away… ”

                               – Anonymous