Following are few thoughts to enrich our lives by a person who does not like to name herself/himself.

Here it goes…

“Either you love or you hate but you can’t do both to perfection at the same time. If you claim to do so it’s only self betrayal”

“Hatred has no real power and it’s temporary while love is the most powerful force and everlasting.”

“Ego can’t play foul when it’s superseded by love.”

“Don’t loose trust in love and nobody should as it’s the food for soul.”

“Don’t hate anyone in life. Love is the solution to all problems in life and hatred can’t do any good.”

“Love unites while hatred separates. Now, it should never be a difficult choice for anyone what they want in life.”

“Sometimes people love others so much that they avoid them for unknown fears so as not to loose them in life.”

“The fear of acceptance and rejection is the root cause of most problems in life.”

“Go beyond all your inhibitions as no truth can change people in love if they understand it well.”

“Nobody is a loser and all are winners in love. They are winners in every case be it an acceptance or a rejection.”

“Don’t stop doing your best just because you are unable to predict the outcome of your actions now.”

“You can develop better vision of a brighter future only with love; so, never hesitate to express yourself with kind words of love.”

“Don’t expect perfection in everything you do as the outcome is not bound by your choice but never neglect to give your cent percent”.

“There is no place for doubt in love and it’s only temporary if at all developed as a chance creation.”

“You are free to choose what you want and how you want to lead your life as long as it’s in harmony with all in your society.”

“Freedom is not an external entity.”

“True freedom comes with positive thoughts for the wellbeing of all; Else, we will become prisoners to our own thoughts and starve for freedom.”

“There should be no condition in love and we must accept people as they are. We may get acceptance to some/all of our thoughts in the process.”

“People understand you better when they listen you more and they show more interest in listening when they like you better.”

“Listening is hearing with keen interest to understand something.”

“I am not against love and no one should. I am not against people in love too but everything not in good support of our social values.”

“Love is the most needed and among the core values in any civilisation as no society can prosper without love.”

“There is no place for bondage in love.  Love makes people independent to choose a lifestyle they want.”

“Calculations in love don’t exist. To my understanding people don’t love others to meet their self interests but rather make others happy. It’s not love if they don’t do so.”

“Love is spontaneous and without a reason while marriage is a choice between two consenting adults.”

“Calculations do exist in a marriage and most of the time that go beyond the couple in question to their families.”

“Marriage is a social need while love is the basic need and it does not matter if that develops before or after marriage as long as it exists.”

“Life is beautiful and people celebrate when their love ends up in a marriage but there is nothing to loose if it can’t take the regular route under exceptional cases. Love never dies.”

                                  – Anonymous

Published by Debasis

A natural leader who experiments a lot and cares for all ! The title of my blog is not about my blood group. It's a message to all my readers to think positive and write on my blog posts openheartedly what they think!!

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