Jubilation by Team India after winning the second test at Lord’s

It’s a memorable win for India today at lord’s (the ‘Mecca of cricket’) that brought lot of cheer and joy for indian cricket fans around the globe.

Cricket is truly an uncertain game where any result possible. It’s very difficult to predict ahead of time. Our team today proved wrong all speculations of a possible draw on the last day when they snatched victory first from a possible loss by setting a decent target for the opposition and then a match that could have ended in a draw.

We played like champions who play for a result rather than indulge in wasteful activity on the ground to kill time and finish the day hoping for a draw. The boys won the mind game too putting pressure on the opposition in every area of the game. It was a big decision to declare the innings on the last day when almost sixty overs play left on the last day.

A different match result was quite possible as enough over allowed to be played by opposition for a teachable target. But we won by 151 runs with almost 8 overs play left on the last day. It was a sheer display of skills by the winning team today. They proved their love for the game and passion to win each game.

This win was a complete team effort where each member had good contribution for the game. What to expect more from a team when the seamers (who are not regular batsmen) set example with the bat. Thanks to rain god for allowing us witness a great game today. There is all win and no loss. We had victory in many fronts like game plan and execution which was flawless today. I am quite certain for this game to be remembered for a long long time to come.

Congratulations Team India for your spectacular performance today resulting in a very well deserved win and making all Indians proud !! ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

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8 thoughts on “VICTORY FOR INDIA! ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

  1. Seriously, it was a completely different feeling on the fourth day end, and to come out and play like the tail enders did was miraculous, i am certain had the target been less, there would be almost pressure on english team. And this Indian team is looking kind of merciless on the field. Enjoying the game, staring, little bit sledging- seems they have acquired an edge a sword has.

    Even in the first game they would have won, and its impact can be seen on waning english players, almost none apart from root is showing the spine or the will.

    Third test hence become interesting as the English would make sure to save their pride.

    Thanks Deb, and congrats
    Nara x

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    1. Thanks for your words of appreciation!
      I believe our team will care for every game and give their best. The third one will be interesting as you said.

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  2. Was really hoping for a draw by the end of 4th day…..but what a change of game it was….thrilling…and as you said it was everyone’s contribution but all the fast bowlers should be given a little extra credit for this victory …..YBR

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    1. Yes, the fast bowlers changed momentum of the game on last day first with the bat and then with the ball. They deserve extra credit for this memorable victory!


  3. Congrats to your India cricket team. Itโ€™s played somewhat like baseball in my country. How many other teams play cricket professionally in your country? Is there a league?

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