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It’s festival time of the year all around. I was at my home town few weeks back. All of a sudden an official trip planned for us on a overseas visit. It was so much fun and excitement that time which is still running in mind.




Global climate changing with time primarily because of human activity I feel. I have observed change in weather patterns in cities with more infrastructure development work compared to rural areas with natural habitat.

When I talk to people older to me they too have a concern with similar feeling. Few feel like we have not observed this much of hotness in pat fifteen years. Some say like it’s too much of rain and quite abnormal for Bangalore weather we have observed in past several years.

Human wants are ever increasing and we are unable to get fulfillment with all we have naturally gifted to us. Need to preserve nature as it is with minimal construction work.

We must change this trend. We are causing more destruction in the name of construction. There is a greater concern and awareness these days on global climate change. We can do lot more to preserve nature and we all human beings only can do. I don’t think another species more superior will evolve to tackle this challenge.

Do you agree.

What do you say?

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It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live. ~Marcus Aurelius

I am at a place in my life where I am able to slow down and momentarily pause. After a year and a half, I have completed my dissertation and am less than a month away from officially becoming a doctor of clinical psychology. Every now and then it is important to stop to appreciate and reflect on our life’s journey. We must make a conscious decision to be fully present when facing life defining moments. Learn to be happy and content now. Don’t rush to set another future goal that will only reward you with future happiness. It is a cycle that is difficult to break, but we should try to live life in short spurts followed by reflective pauses instead of never ending loops with no respite. By aways looking ahead, we forget there is life to be lived right now. Pause for a moment in the present and savor what life has to offer. Like I always say, why stop and smell the roses when you can live in the rose patch.

As I ponder the life I am living, I reflect on whether I am truly living my life or am I rushing through it mindlessly jumping over rote hurdles. How do we measure whether we are truly living? Is it by the length of days or the quality of our lives? Some days may be long, but feel stale and unrewarding. Other days will pass in a blur of activity and feel full of endless possibilities. It does not matter what stage we are in life. I prefer to use the quality of my life as the unit of measure to define my life. Whether we have more time behind us than ahead of us, we can take an accounting of our lives and determine the areas we can improve in order to enrich our existence.

Here are some ways to assess the quality of your life:

1. How many times a day do you express joy?
Strive for a day full of laughter and happiness. Imagine that we start our day with a large empty container. It is our duty to try and fill it each day with as many positive emotions it can hold. Life is special and we should treat it as such. Rejoice at being alive and don’t take any day for granted.

2. Measure your physical health
Physical health plays a big role in our mental health. Make sure you are living a healthy lifestyle by eating right, exercising when possible and sleeping regularly.

3. Emotional footprint
Upon your death how would you like to be remembered? How many people have you had a positive impact on? It is important that your interactions with others leaves a positive emotional imprint on them. Imagine each interaction you have throughout the day as a chain of positivity. What you give out will have a ripple effect on those around you and the world. Don’t break the chain of positivity.

4. Measure your growth
Decide on a time frame and reflect on where you were a year ago. No two people are the same, so the amount of growth will depend on the person. Instead of using others to compare against, use yourself as a benchmark. Don’t just measure material gains. Look at your personal and emotional growth. Are you happier now than you were a year ago?

5. Have you loved
One of the most important ways to gauge the quality of your life is to ask yourself if you have you loved in your lifetime? It does not have to be romantic love. It can be love of family, friends and even love of your pets. The important thing is that you have felt the bond of love.

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Following are few random thoughts to be edited later.

Few days back I thought over this topic when asked by a friend and did a study on various reports by leading news agencies. I felt it’s quite a social issue which further provoked me think and write more on this to generate awareness among people.
Let’s have a look at few excerpts from news articles first as follows.

” In India, the culture of promising freebies in election manifesto has been spreading extensively. The ethicality and legality of such promises has been the subject of debate for a while now. This issue was brought to the forefront when the issue was tackled by the Supreme Court.”

In the above case, the Court delved into the legality of promising freebies in election manifestos. The Court opined that freebies shook the ‘root of free and fair elections to a large degree.’ However, the distribution of colour TVs, laptops, mixer-grinders etc. by the government in accordance with the laws currently prevalent in the country cannot be ruled as being against ‘public purpose’. The Supreme Court ruled that promises made in an election manifesto cannot be construed as a ‘corrupt practice’ under section 123 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951. And since no legislation governs election manifestos, it directed the EC to frame appropriate guidelines.

Distribution of freebies in any form is not prohibited by any law in force in India. The Courts have already held that handing out of freebies is not a corrupt practice. In fact, since the goal of our constitution-makers was to build a welfare state, it is the responsibility of political parties to further that cause. Generally, political parties, especially the national parties, release their election manifestos before the Election Commission announces the date of elections. The Election Commission’s guidelines kick in only after the dates have been announced, and in this instance the Election Commission will have no authority to monitor the promises made in the Election Manifesto.

When political parties promise certain freebies, the intention is not for these promises to act as bribes or as a means of exercising undue influence on voters. It is just a statement to the people highlighting how if brought to power, that party will serve its voters. Thus, framing of manifestos is the right of political parties, and must not be interfered with. ”

How do you feel after reading the above? Let me write here what I feel as I understand the mindset of our people.

In reality and my view it’s an utter corrupt practice considering the level of mass education in India and the standard of living where a large part of the population still struggling to earn daily bread and butter.
Anything coming free is like God gift for them and they can go to any extent to get that which really doesn’t come from their hard earning effort. This really don’t improve their standard of living or earning capacity in long run. Rather they suffer out of it.
Promising freebies before or after elections must be prohibited under law strictly.  We must educate people help themselves and not to find ways to gets things free.
It’s really ridiculous how the apex court feels about the rights of political parties what they do in election propaganda. Promising to distribute freebies is indirectly influencing the common mass to buy votes. It’s well understood though they don’t say that.

Rather they should make promise for social development projects on a time bound manner which is quite acceptable and not freebies.
An example of promise could be we will construct foot over bridge or road within a year after we come to power. We are looking for employment opportunities and few eligible people in your area may get good work in those projects.

An example of promise could be we will construct foot over bridge or road within a year after we come to power. We are looking for employment opportunities and few eligible people in your area may get good work in those projects.

These kind of step will develop more credibility among people and it’s motivational too for them. They will start looking at their inner capability and view things differently.

Distribution of colour TVs and mobiles for free will make them corrupt for sure as it strikes hard the mindset of people getting things for free that never changes.

We all have the responsibility to play our role in nation building activities. We can’t do well unless we  I are well informed and do critical analysis of all coming  our way. It’s time to educate ourselves and act against all such false promises. Let’s reject all that comes free…