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Divine spacesin stirring soulsNebulae between starsFields between particlesBlackouts between dreamsCrackling, sparks between flamesAscent and descent between notesStillness between breathsI am somewhere betweentripping and risingUnfathomable sigh ~Inside spaces~Sigh unfathomableRising and trippingBetween somewhere am IBreaths between stillnessNotes between descent and ascentFlames between sparks, cracklingDreams between blackoutsParticles between fieldsStars between nebulaeSouls stirring inspaces…


Amidst the speculation and probabilities of Covid-19, I am staying home. This nature of this virus is still unknown and there is no definitive cure. It has taken most of the countries in it’s grip. It has been declared pandemic as it can’t be confined to any boundary as of now.  States imposing curfew andContinue reading “LET’S FIGHT TOGETHER”