How many articles have you read on security and how many have you wrote yourself? Have you ever shared your comments in response to any such article? Now, you may think like “is Debasis facing some big trouble” or “under some serious mental illness”. Why is he so insecure? My purpose asking all this is never to confuse you but to make this world a little better place with all our contribution. Security has various divisions and the most common to me is our national security which most of us know. We are all aware how much money government spends to give us a good living. A significant portion of the union budget goes towards defense budget.

On a similar fashion we can think of personal security which is paramount to all of us. Examples are many. We wear helmet and fasten sit belts while driving. We keep our jewelry and other valuables in bank locker and the list can go on… We secure our personal interests and then our family interests.

How about office security? Do we need a separate division to maintain security at workplace? Let’s think about people who work day/night so that we can manage out time better at work. They help us spend a happy time at work. They are comparable to soldiers on duty at the border. They sacrifice a lot to secure our present and future. It’s now limited to the security department. Is it really so? Can’t we help them perform their job better when they do so much for us? I heard somewhere “security is everyone’s responsibility”. Let’s cooperate with them when come for an inspection.

Have you ever felt insecure in life? When was the last time you felt less secure as if nobody understand you and everything going wrong. It could be at your home, at work or some public place. Actually, the truth is nobody can understand you better that your own self. When nobody understand you, GOD will stand by you. So, why worry? Life is full of beautiful experiences. The more we contribute the richer will be our experience.

Let me share with you an experience I had at workplace. As a standard practice, we all log tickets for various official needs like a laptop request, a software installation etc. We need that to perform our job well at work. Usually, companies have a separate team to monitor and administer those activities. People working in that department are known as system administrators at various grades and hierarchy. This is very common in most companies and I had interaction with them on several occasions. They are the most important people who protect our office network from intruders and viruses. They protect our IP and keep secret from malicious users/hackers in the web.

As better I understood from my past experience after having good interaction with sys-admin team so far I came to know they are independent of other teams and work as an autonomous unit like the security department. Probably, they work under strict guidelines what information to share and what to keep secret from the end user. They concentrate on the issue resolution part and have no interest sharing how they resolved an infra-issue. For example, they used to install an application on my machine after management approval but never share with me the process of installation. They don’t even do that in my presence and always beyond office hours of the end-user when the system is available for their use. This is probably because the end-user and not supposed to learn and do the sys-admin team’s job herself/himself. They keep their activity secret.

I asked them a question “why so?” in one of my previous engagements. The answer appeared strange to me at first but was thought provoking. It was as follows:

“Why do you consult a doctor for an illness unknown to you and why don’t you investigate and find the root cause and medicine yourself?” I was furious at first but felt good after sometime. He took me at ease and told you are quite a young person now and need to spend more time understanding organization processes and policies.

Technical challenges will be there and nothing is for-granted. We too face challenges daily arriving at issue resolution. So, we come to know at the right time when we solve an issue what worked right/wrong. Our past experience sometimes help. Even when we know why that worked last time and why the same setting does not work anymore, we are not authorized to share the information with people outside our department. You log ticket ten times and we will try to resolve each time without annoyance but don’t ask us questions we are not authorized to answer.

All that happened over a chat session. Much later i came to know i was chatting with a person in the executive leadership team at data center operations there. He was present there for a routine inspection and addressing customer issues over chat. It was a very nice experience for me as I was not aware of the person i had interaction with and could share all my problems easily from my heart.

I was full of praise and delight at my heart by this time. It was like kings visiting their people in secret in old days with the hope to find better judgement for pending decisions at their courtyard!

Do you have an experience to share? Feel free to share with us.

I’d love to read your comments here. I will be happy to read your emails too. I frequently access my email: I am present in social media too and can read all communication there.





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