Human beings can’t live in isolation. They always seek attention. We can’t imagine life without love. It’d come to a standstill without timely attention and care.

Love propagates in many forms. It is in the form of affection to youngsters while that of respect for elderly people. Even animals seek more care and attention after they come in contact with human beings and become pets.

Let’s discuss why good relationship are so important. Then we will try to derive a set of rules/guidelines how to protect and preserve.

Are you worried about a dying relationship? If yes, you could yourself be the root cause of all. So we need to do an introspection first before we can think of any action for restoration.

I remember a movie named ‘Shakti’ featuring legendary actor Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachhan. Most part in the movie depicts father-son relationship where Amitabh played the role of a son who could never had good respect for his father due to misunderstanding in his childhood. He always felt like his father doesn’t love him. It had a deep impact on him from his early childhood that lasted long till his late life.

You write to me why all that happened. You also share any other personal experience you have in this line. We can take some action as precautionary measure and few more if things have already worsened.

Some thoughts come to my mind now are as follows:

– Respect people and their need.
– Don’t avoid people or invade their privacy.
– Listen to your loved ones before any opinion or suggestion.
– We doubt people because of our social and environmental conditioning. Avoid that and develop more trust.
– Love unconditionally without return expectations
– Express yourself how much you love before it’s late
– Accept people as they are
– Don’t have too much expectation as five fingers are not equal.
– Put yourself in others shoes and think and you may find a different picture as you never know what could be the personal issues at the other side.
– Provide enough room and time for change you want to see in others. Change yourself first before that.
– Keep in touch. This is vital as we can’t expect others to respond to our needs if we don’t keep in touch for several years.
– Understand the value of time. How do you know the other person is dead or alive whom you had no contact in last ten years. Suddenly you find contact accidentally one day and trying to reach after several years. This is not acceptable and no explanation required to cite a reason.
– Don’t blame others. Accept your fault unconditionally.
– Don’t move back or avoid your loved ones if you experience any bitter truth about them at any point of time.
– Don’t hate anyone as all are gods creation and sent here to play their role for a limited time.
– Love others as much as you love yourself. You should have all the time to love and no time to hate anyone.
– Above all forgive yourself for all wrong reasons you feel guilty about yourself before going to restore a half broken relationship.

I will keep on writing more. I request your thoughts and opinion on this. I’d love to read your comments here and can check your emails at “”

*** “I am no relationship consultant.
I am seeker who always loves to learn more and better through personal experience and that of others.

Spelling and grammatical mistakes may be ignored now as its being composed on a mobile text editor while on the move. It will be updated on a system later”

Have a great day!๐Ÿ’


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