What is more important to you? Ethics, values or relationships. You may say all are equally important. But that’s not the case here. You need to choose one as they are in different directions and we can’t unite all.

Sounds harsh? Questioning yourself what kind of dilemma is this? It was like asking somebody whom do you love most your father or mother? Adults may not respond well but if you ask the same question to a baby, you may get an answer spontaneously as they speak from heart.

Here lies the difference – a human heart. A baby’s heart is quite different unlike adults as it’s not exposed to too many complexities of life. It needs to be protected as long as possible.

I am coming back to my previous question now. What to choose between ethics and relationships even when they are of equal priority but you don’t have a choice to pick all. Let’s remember here we develop relationships as per our values and ethics give protection to our long term values.

Have you got an answer? So ethics is the most important entity for a successful relationship, a successful enterprise and all you name it.

What’s going on in your mind now? Ethics at the cost of relationships as I said earlier they are going in different directions.

It’s very hard and difficult to imagine losing people in life. In the journey of life at one juncture I found myself isolated and abandoned not having a single support. No family or friends. The whole world moving in a different direction and you are standing far looking to move in the opposite direction?

Some people ask me what will you achieve doing all this when nobody with you. Some other say this person is too egoistic; leave him and let him die alone. He is a mad person trying to achieve the impossible and change this world alone against all odds.

The basic question is still there. What kind of society can we build at the cost if people. I can’t be a peoples person. Most ethical organisations have a people first culture. They focus on the need of their people first and don’t try to achieve quick results. That doesn’t mean they try to make profit and build people first culture at the cost of ethics.

They are always ready to sacrifice their personal needs in the interest of people. They provide enough space and the necessary room for change to create an environment where people can understand the need and drive themselves.
The difference between good companies and great companies lies in this room for change. They have great change agents working 24/7 to build people for a better society.

Not everything is in human control. There are certain aspects that need divine intervention and we can come to know it only at the right time as destined.

Let’s think what we can do to achieve a better and unidirectional sync between our ethics and relationships.

– First of all let’s forgive ourselves for all the accumulated bad deeds (karma) that was beyond our control.
– Above is most important as we can’t think positive and move forward unless we do this.
– Give proper attention to all your loved ones
– Don’t complicate small matters and make issue out of it.
– Educate yourself and all others in your community about social need. This will differ as per age and experience of people.
– Don’t cling on too much to your past. Let people know you because of your present. Leave your past behind and rediscover yourself.

Life is full of challenges but still beautiful to explore all it’s aspects. Think good, do good and you can do a lot of good to yourself, your family and the society at large. Love your life, live your life and enjoy this journey called life…

** This is an unfinished article. I will try to complete that with valuable reader inputs. Errors any may be ignored for the time being as I am writing all these on a mobile text editor these days.

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A natural leader who experiments a lot and cares for all ! The title of my blog is not about my blood group. It's a message to all my readers to think positive and write on my blog posts openheartedly what they think!!

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