It’s sacred divine timeless and beyond boundary. It can shatter and smoothen the most rigid corner of your heart. It will enlighten you on your path to self-discovery.

Spread the message of love everywhere. Never forget to reciprocate love and affection time and again. Do it relentlessly.

Always see love as your strength and never allow it to become an weakness. Love that hurts is not love at all. It could be your desire.

Express your love and give up all ego. It’s eternal. It’s the purpose of god behind creation of this beautiful world.

Feel it and have divine experience. There can be no reason why to avoid people you love. Don’t reason out. Love is above all trials, tribulations, questions and calculations.

This world is abundant with beautiful things to experience. Love it.

To be updated time and again and the process will be endless for such a vast topic.

Published by Debasis

A natural leader who experiments a lot and cares for all ! The title of my blog is not about my blood group. It's a message to all my readers to think positive and write on my blog posts openheartedly what they think!!

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