This article was originally thought to be written for a different purpose. At a later point of time some other thought struck my mind and I changed the context to serve another purpose.

I was thinking about what really happened and why so much discussion after the last match of India in the ongoing T20 world cup.
Let’s analyse our learning and focus on few issues before our next match against the Aussies.

I watched till end of the match and listened to media discussions following it. I too had a close look at conversations in social media like Facebook and twitter. It’s not astonishing to see a very unusual reaction among both Indian and bangla fans.

No doubt it was another exiting game of cricket where we had to wait for the result till the last ball was bowled. Dhoni kept his cool as usual to make sure it will not go for a tie followed by a super over as a match decider and the result is well known to us.

Dhoni is a highly matured and different captain now leading India unlike how I perceived him several years back. But why he lost his cool this time against media people. I heard somewhere he accused a journalist saying like… “you are not happy India won this match”. Quite frustrating on his part as if trying to avoid the original question. Probably that was not expected and the journalist had some different issue in mind.

Whatever be the case but it was quite certain he lost his cool and I am sure it was not without a good reason. On a positive side lets analyse how tolerant we are as cricket fans and how do we view a game. Do we know how to ask the right question?

Many felt like it was a disappointing loss for Bangladesh and not a deserving win for India. Why did India fight till the last ball? This thought caused a lot of worry about our current performance as we could not accept the truth whole heartedly. Isn’t this caused by our ego?

Why do we feel another team as inferior to us when they qualified for this world cup and has been playing international cricket for a fair amount of time now. I never felt them to be weaker at any part of the game be it their bowling attack or batting. Let’s accept the truth.

We need to think in the spirit of the game and applaud all who play well. We might be playing for a long time now and having several cups in our kitty. But does that guarantee our performance forever?

Let’s think. think.. think… and do our best improving on our own skills rather than accessing that of others…

Some life lessons as follows:-

That freaking last over was a neat set of life lessons. Here is how:

Bangladesh needs 12 runs in last over. Over a billion people are on edge with their —— on cusp of despair or joy.

1. Pandya goes for 2 fours in first 3 balls. At this point game is over for India. But Pandya still keeps his head to ball some what sensibly for last 3 balls.

Life Lesson 1- It is never lost untill you lose it. Even if defeat is staring at your face.

2 . Mushfiqur hits second four in last over and punches in air. Just 2 runs needed in 3 balls. So they have won he thinks. The Bangla dugout stands clapping. Wrong assumption.

Life Lesson 2- Never count your chickens untill they are hatched. Really hatched.

3. Two runs needed in last ball. A billion people watching are trembling with nerves. Dhoni remains cool showing no emotion. In the melee of last ball when bilion minds have raced to confusion, he has sense to not throw the ball and run the batsman out. He knows he has won , yet he doesnt jump into air or punches his fist.

Life Lesson 3- Equanimity and dispassion is key to master one’s mind. No excessive joy in good time and no excessive sorrow in unfavourable times is how one should live.

4. One freak hit and Bangladesh could have won. One run in last over and it could have been a tie. Anything was possible like a random chance at toss of dice.

Life Lesson 4: There is an overall seeming randomness in life. In end you lose some and you win some by an unknown roll of dice.

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