Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” 
― Søren Kierkegaard

Tis the season for reversal, for appearing to move in a backward motion. These times come as reminders of our past and of our true desires, and most importantly, of who we really are. These are the moments where the past and unsaid words are given a voice, a time to reflect upon and the insight needed is gained to stand firm, or to move on.

Often these moments come into our lives where we must go slightly backward in order to advance forward.

I’ve recently read several articles regarding the multiple retrograde motions of several key planets. As Venus has been retrograde since the beginning of March, many things regarding relationships have come about, many feelings have shifted into the nostalgic memories that we all hold dear, and during this time we’ve been given a chance to reflect on both feeling and intention.

Now we come to the dreaded Mercury retrograde, just days before Venus is to turn direct once again. This is where we can expect upheaval, chaotic shifts and communication breakdowns. All of this comes at the arrival of the first full moon of spring, the pink moon as some call it.

Now whether anyone believes in moons and goochers is their own business. But, if anything, I like to believe it is all relative to the movements of nature, to natural rhythm and in accord with universal shifting. We are affected just as much as we affect it. Simply put.

But in life we must recognize these shifting patterns. We must become aware of the need to reverse in order to go forward. As paradoxical and illogical as it may sound, it is a truth that most do not accept.

We must love fully in order to let go. In holding our tightest, it is easiest to let go and move on just as moving in retrograde brings light to the way we must continue along our chosen course.

The need to backtrack, pause and reflect is part of our natural motion. It is how we learn from experience, how we grow in spirit and how we place our foot onto the next stone along our path.

These are the motions of our lives.

Last night I watched a movie titled, A Monster Calls. This film illustrates completely that in life we must take care to see how broken things are truly mended, how healing begins with admitting the truth and how knowing yourself is the only way to begin living.

Sometimes, we must go backward to uncover these answers.

Not everything is as it appears. And sometimes, by doing the one thing that seems counterproductive we’re actually going forward and doing the only thing that will get us there.

We should all take time to move in the rhythm of our own guidance, step into our intuition and allow the wheel to move in whatever motion feels right. Whether this be backward or forward, we will always advance.

Nothing is perfectly linear, and not everything makes sense at first glance.


Even a monster can take the form of a healing tree.

Source: Retrograde

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