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Human emotions at times very difficult to express well. Time plays a key role here. You may fall into unpleasant situations without your true intension when emotions remain unexpressed or partially expressed.

How does it feel when you lose all happiness accrued overt time in a moment. How do you regain control over emotions. What best can you do when you’re part of the cause of worry for another.

Never-ending questions and the list grows on and on…

Some argue as happiness is a matter of your choice but not always. You will feel the heat at a distance when fire breaks out in your environment and you are not always lucky to escape. Here you don’t have a choice if you think only about your personal happiness. Escape is not the solution as fire will follow you as long as we don’t knowthe root cause and took timely action to extinguish it.

Can we do something about it before God comes to intervene and mediate.

We need to play the role of solution providers rather than problem creators and need to stay away from too much dependency on God for our own problems.