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Before thinking and writing on this topic, I wish all my blog readers and well wishers a Merry Christmas…

I had discussion with many on this topic in the past. People have different views. I want to share here few of my own views as i see it through the journey of my life.

Love should never die even with the ugliest of truths.

No preconditions allowed to be set for love.

This is not love but a deal with life when people think like i am this and this is my preference. Now you are this and i can love you only when you become this and able to fulfill my needs. This is selfish expectation from life.

Love is sacred and beyond all these thoughts. It is so fresh and airy, it can only lift our soul up. We may go into depression at times when our desires not fulfilled and demand not met. But these thoughts are temporary and vanish over time when we realise the power of love.

Love gives new life and never death. It guides us in a new direction to rediscover ourselves and find the true purpose of life.

To understand unselfish love we can think of the love and affection that parents have for their children. They have no demand but only love and care in return. They feel joyous with the growth and success of their children.

Lot more to think and write…