Time flies. We often plan activities but fail to execute in search of quality time. It’s crucial for success how we spend our time.

I have some experience I’d like to share. I am a person who loves to spend time with nature and kids. I love biodiversity. I love to watch children playing as they provide me good learning with their activities. It’s pure and godly. They do everything naturally out of their mind with less outer influence. To my good fortune i have the time now to spend time with kids.

I am passionate about reading and writing. I love to live my passion. It’s not just me but with many in my circle who want to live their passion. Though most of us like to spend quality time, many among my friends complain about better time management when they fail to do so. Me too no different.

I have divided my day to make it simple as work time, non-work time. My time away from work involves food time, sleep time, kids time, friends/family time and self time. Self time is the period i want to spend with God, nature and with my passion. At present my self time is the least of all and the least utilized time.

If you ask me how much time i would like to spend in each category, my choice would be my self time and then the required time with kids. All other time secondary to me. So, i want to increase this time.

How do you work out with your plan? Assume you have the luxury to spend all time now away from work as a sabbatical or some other category where you need not have to work at office for a month. This period you want to spend time with kids and for your passion.

How to distribute time evenly for all activity. The constraint is when you are with kids you can’t pursue your other passion as kids can’t be neglected. You must watch and observe them. Sometimes i wait for them to sleep so that i can continue with other activities. Kids love me and i can’t avoid them. You have to spend time with few kids daily in the age group one to six. You are not a mother and have no experience how to spend good time with them. Out of all time you must devote half for kids and most of the remaining as self time.

Are you struggling to find good time for your own? It’s very much essential for nourishment of our soul. If you had bitter experience in past and successfully overcome that it could provide learning material for others struggling and seeking advice.

Let all know about our experiences in past or present. We can help all by sharing information on how good or bad we managed our time in the past. What steps we took to overcome bad time management and make best use of our time.

I’d love to learn from your experience if i can relate myself and gain valuable information much needed for me.

Published by Debasis

A natural leader who experiments a lot and cares for all ! The title of my blog is not about my blood group. It's a message to all my readers to think positive and write on my blog posts openheartedly what they think!!

5 thoughts on “TIME FOR OUR OWN

  1. Wake up an hour earlier! Use that time to get some sun and fresh air. Walk, commune with nature, exercise, collect your thoughts, not about work, but your family, spirituality and the like. Then spend time with your family as you get ready to leave for work.
    At work don’t try to multitask because studies have shown it is less efficient. Look that up yourself. Concentrate on one task, maybe the easiest first, to get a few successes under your belt.
    Two to three times each hour, get up, stretch, go to a window and focus on distant scenes since you may have only been staring at your computer screen.
    When a home, it’s time for your family and yourself. You mind will work while you sleep to try to resolves the issues and answers for the next day!
    And don’t just do what’s expected. No! Strive to do The Unexpected!”
    Just some thoughts based on 48 years of work experience. I wasted a lot of time trying to please someone else. But you should also work also to please yourself.
    I’m retired: approaching 80 but look 60 or less. Dropped most of my meds and doctors and sharper and more creative, imaginative and intelligent than at any time I my life.
    My 700+ posts and associated art was created over the past 11 months!

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  2. I work from home, so my family/house/personal/work time moves around like a kaleidoscope. But, I kind of like the craziness. 🙂 Bible and prayer time tends to be either very early or very late in the day, though, when the house is quiet. Blessings!


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