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A natural leader who experiments a lot and cares for all ! The title of my blog is not about my blood group. It's a message to all my readers to think positive and write on my blog posts openheartedly what they think!!


    1. Yes, lot to be done. I remember the days of deepavali in recent times and the rising level of air pollutant the following days at Delhi. Only restrictions by government will work less until we are aware of the need. Educating people on this topic at large scale sharing all ideas of prevention may work better. Change comes with awareness and understanding.
      Thank you!🙏

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  1. Thank you, Debasis, for illuminating such an important issue. I planted many trees ad bushes in my garden, and you could see for yourself the spectacular results. The air is clean and scented with the smell of flowers and herbs.
    The post is called “Spring to Summer in my Garden”, and it is in my blog.


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