Started his earthy journey in the year 563 B.C. to King Sudhodhana & Queen Maya
His birth name was Sidharatha
Born in Lumbini in the Kingdom of Kapilavastu in Nepal
Wherein he had his upbringing
With love and affection profusely overflowing
From childhood itself, he was surcharged with emotions.

He used to feel much pain
When he saw people in utter pain
Hence the King kept him at his aloof in residence
Profuse with a lot of opulence
And all the comforts which a person needs for existence.

Prince Sidhartha was married to princess Yasodhara
So that his son remains busy in the palace life itself
Just cut off from the outside existence
Filled with pain and sufferings
As his father wanted him to be the king and rule his kingdom after him
But the seers predicted that Sidharatha would be spiritual oriented.

A Buddha – is the…

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