Human beings are all social animals and service to mankind is always required. Have you come across a situation when your employer says your service is no longer required? If yes, what do you understand by the same and how do you react?

We often think negative at the first sight without proper analysis of the same. Be at the caution side and analyse the statement well before coming to any conclusion. It may help you grow further or may act as a retardant temporarily. We can have an optimistic approach and in no case it’s required to react furiously. You might be thinking what i did wrong and why is it happening to me. We should always be truthful and can ask for our rights. Never ever argue with your employer unnecessarily; who knows, it could be a blessing in disguise. There is no need to fear anybody if you are the right person. Nothing can permanently suppress your creativity.

It’s not always the case when we get victimised for our own fault. You could have been affected by your environmental factors. Accept the truth if it’s your fault. Don’t complain anybody and accept life as it comes to you. Get rid of your ego and treat everybody as a member of your bigger family who are here to play their role.

Service is a generalized term whereas employment is a specialized term. What is the correct difference between service and employment? What is the difference between service to our society and serving a specific organization? Is an organization part of our society or having separate existence? Can we sustain growth in any company without having the necessary social skills? Do you have suggestion for a better title? Should I have written employment in place of service as it’s always required? If you have any such similar experience (bitter/noble), share with me by your valuable comments to help me learn better.

Published by Debasis

A natural leader who experiments a lot and cares for all ! The title of my blog is not about my blood group. It's a message to all my readers to think positive and write on my blog posts openheartedly what they think!!

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