What do you usually do when you don’t know what to do about something that puzzles you? We often face challenges at home, at work and in every other facet of life. It’s important how we tackle those problems. Can we see a problem as an opportunity for us to do better?

When i face an issue at home, i used to discuss with my family members. I first try to find a solution myself and later go for a discussion as i feel the need. Sometime i feel what will happen, how my elders will react if I reveal the fact. Finally i go for a discussion with a fear things may go out of control. Whom do you approach first at home? I think the answer is obviously a person who is close to you and having good understanding with you. For me it’s my elder sister and my father. It’s not that i am not close to other people in family but they are the people who understand me better as i spent most of the time with them during my childhood (from school days till my graduation). They are the best counselors and i find better solution/idea from them most of the time.

They generously help us without any selfish desire. That is the power of bonding in great relationships. Have you ever faced a situation when your sister/brother seeks your help? That is easy for your brother to explain. Sometimes it’s easy and at times little difficult for your younger sister to tell you in detail. How about elders? Your elder sister may find it very difficult and never tell you. They just indicate when needed. It’s not because they can’t but because they don’t want to bring more trouble for you. They have enormous patience, tolerance and perseverance. They digest everything to keep you out of all trouble for your better future. How do you help your sister when you understand a need? How do you react and respond to such a situation? Will you do that for her or tell her how she can do that herself? Let’s utilize our brain power and come up with fantastic ideas.

Now, let’s discuss about our workplace in general. Do you face any issue at work like a conflict within your team or finding some good idea to build a great environment? If your answer is YES, what do you do about it? How do you get a future-focused idea? Say, you are confused and going blank but can’t discuss these issues at home as against your company policy. Whom do you approach in such a case? If you say it’s my HR I’ll not believe as people tend to have a fear factor attached. It’s not a general case but happens to a majority of people. Let’s assume you are such a person then who do you approach next with your work related issue. The logic is again the same and it’s the colleague most close to you. She/he could be your team mate, a team lead, your manager or some other in your organization. It’s good to approach our peers at work at the time of need.

We develop bond with people at work over a period of time when we work together. It’s a natural process either with or without our complete knowledge. It’s healthy for our personal development and healthy for our company too. So, what is that bond and drive us together? The logic is again the same and we understand that from our common-sense. Do you have a second thought about what i want to say? I am talking about great relationships that bond us together in a family. That is the key to success. It’s a general truth and applicable everywhere.

God help only those who help themselves. Some people say like ‘i am trying my best but nothing works’. Accept your limitation but don’t stop trying to do better. When there is a difficult task at hand, some other group of people says I’ll try my best and they never try. You ask them after five days and you will find the same answer… I’m still trying. When they don’t get any good result, they say probably my best was not good enough. They procrastinate wasting their time and company time. What do we understand from all these conversation? Probably, they have never tried or not tried well. They could have fear or could be introverts not open for a discussion. They just tell stories to convince others wasting time of everybody in the process. There could be many other reasons like lack of interest, don’t know what to do, carelessness (don’t understand the need and priority) etc…

All the above happen when we fail to bond with others in great relationships. Neither can we solve our own problems nor can we extend our helping hand to others in need. People listen to you when they respect you. Why people disrespect me? Is there anything i need to develop in me, is there a lack of understanding i must look after? It’s nor always the case. There are people who love to have fun. They just overlook everything that comes in their way. It’s the behavior of children. Some adults too behave childish who are not fully grown in their level of maturity as expected of their age. Some people have fun insulting others. Some do that with their peers to prove their supremacy and show others inferior. You are my BOSS, see i am doing this that you can never do. This is because of ego. Some others show strange behavior to retaliate.

Why do we face such issues? You say its human nature and five fingers are not equal. We can’t do much about it; it’s about attitude of a person that can never change. It is true that five fingers are not equal but what made you think we can’t do much on this? Is it a preconceived notion derived from your past failures? How much have you tried? Why shall others accept my idea? Unite your mind and heart in deep meditation. You will find the all answers from the divine when you wake up.

I remember my school days when i used to play with children at our school playground. Sometimes we used to play gully cricket and block the road not to allow any traffic as if our own property. I’ll collect more thoughts from my memory and write more on this later. Whenever i play with children, i learn something good. The rule of the game with children is there is no rule. They sometimes don’t know and most of the time love to break rules. They are opportunistic and it’s their characteristics. The moment they understand the rival party is weak and don’t know about rules (as per their assumption) they start dictating. They start bluffing with their own set of rules to prove their supremacy. There rule is either you teach me or I’ll start doing that with you. Now, the question is how will you take control of your team in such a situation? Will you give them more opportunity to create nuisance and become a silent spectator? What will be your approach?

Are you doing, trying or crying…? We are all called to be leaders. There are leaders around the world who are working day and night to develop a better company for a great society. They are visionaries and focusing hard to give us a great future. Let’s think like leaders and angels of change. It’s the wish of the almighty and we are their messenger to do good for all. Let’s look at others in a different angle and empathize. Can I view problems of my team mates as my own problem or that with my sister/brother? We can bond with others sharing great values we learnt from our elders, books and our society. Allow people misbehave/insult you. Crying is never an option and trying is somewhat OK. So, let’s stop crying and start doing… We can bring change and turn the table around!

I expect to hear from you. Share with me the big IDEA…

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A natural leader who experiments a lot and cares for all ! The title of my blog is not about my blood group. It's a message to all my readers to think positive and write on my blog posts openheartedly what they think!!

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